How to Stop Guilt From Killing Your Love Relationship


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Guilt Kills Love.
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Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

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There are many toxic thoughts that make us feel bad, wrong and
worthless. However, at the top of the list, poisonous thoughts that
make you feel guilt and guilty are the most deadly. Toxic thoughts
are learned and control you.

Guilt kills your True Self.

Your True Self is naturally loving and a bundle of joy. The innate
part of you is a package of energy composed of your emotional self,
physical body, creative mind and spiritual self. Spirit is pure,
unaltered energy that can be recognized as light, colors, love, sound
and other subtle qualities. You have the ability to expand your
perception of these powerful energies by learning how to sense and
feel them directly with your body as you go through your day and

Feeling reality improves your mental health. Denial does not. Staying
busy does not. For some of you, the voice of your Inner Critic may not
be in your daily awareness. If this is true, you need to look around
in your unconscious for your toxic thoughts and notice how they make
you feel so you can break free from your conditioning.

Often, when you finally learn how to take care of yourself, instead
of putting everyone else first, you experience the nasty energy of
guilt. Being able to recognize the energy of guilt can help you get
out of and say a resounding “No, no, no.” to this sticky, dense,
dark, heavy energy. Guilt often sits on your shoulders, hangs out
around your head and lands heavy on your heart. When you are in the
middle of guilt, you feel bad, wrong and worthless.

So, the secret of living a guilt free life, which is the same thing
as living a resentment free life, is to be able to recognize when you
are being controlled by guilt so you can get out of this painful
energy faster and with more ease.

Some toxic guilt thoughts to watch out for are:
You should do…….
You must do…….or people will think bad things about you.
You should not do…….or people will think you are weird.
You are lazy…….
You are selfish…….
You are inconsiderate…….
You are crazy…….
You are narcissistic…….

And the guilty beat goes on and on about how bad, wrong and terrible
you are as a human being if you do NOT behave as a conditioned,
controlled person SHOULD do. The Guilt Trap is a very sneaky way to
brainwash you. Since we are by nature loving and empathic, we do not
want to hurt others. When the Guilt Trap is used by religions,
dictators, governments and parents, they are using our loving nature
to keep us from being free and joyful.

You reap happy rewards if you pay attention to the thoughts in your
head. Shine light on all your thoughts and take a good, long look at
them. Question if they are true or not. Get support in any place you
can find it, for being authentic, free and happy instead of living
your life burdened down by toxic thoughts and guilt. For more about
how to live a guilt free life read:

Expanding your consciousness means you are learning how to sense and
feel more of your True Self vibrations. The more you expand your
awareness of the realities inside of you and outside of you, the
better your mental health. You keep depression and anxiety from
dragging you down if you stay more connected to reality as you live
each moment.

Your self-confidence and self-esteem improves dramatically, the more
you breathe in and out each real moment that is occurring in front of
you. Say no to guilt to experience more vibrant moments.

Trust your heart to lead the way with compassion.

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