How to Keep and Increase Your Self-Esteem Around Your Family

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During the holidays we often interact with family members who trigger
our old, learned reactions of blame, quilt, shame and helplessness.
Tis the season to separate even more from your family members so
you feel your authentic self and inner strengths when you are with

One of the major unhealthy ways you learned to relate to your family
was via care taking. Most parents do not model for you how to take
care of yourself. Instead, they model for you how to take care of
others. As a result, you do not know how to take care of yourself
unless you make a conscious effort to learn how to pay attention to
your needs and desires and then follow through with actions that
satisfy and fulfill your needs and desires.

If you have never thought about the damage care taking does to the
quality of your relationships, now is a good time to learn more about
the consequences of taking care of others instead of yourself. You
probably have noticed that your care taking relationships are not
reciprocal, satisfying and enjoyable. However, you may not have
noticed that care taking also takes its toll on your physical,
emotional and mental health.

The consequences of care taking others are:

Examine your relationships and be honest about how you relate to your
body, your emotional self and others. With increased awareness of how
you care take others, begin to move into more equal, assertive and
honest communications with people.

When you are with others learn how to:
Feel your body
Stay grounded
Feel your emotions
Know what you want, not what they want
Know what you need, not what they need
Be assertive
Relate equally
Be sincere
Be kind

When you put into practice the above relationship skills, you have
more satisfying relationships. Your holistic health improves and you
have lots more fun.

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