Color Therapy Advice: Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day

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Big Island Green, Jenna Catherine, 2013

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


At a time when everyone’s eyes are on the future of the Catholic Church, you could use its colorful history to your advantage for personal growth.  For example, let’s take the color green. Why not be charmed by the color green on St. Patrick’s Day, 2013?

St. Patrick gained his claim to fame by bringing Christianity to the United Kingdom.  For the moment, we will forgive him for destroying the culture of the Celts and focus on the positive aspects of this worldwide holiday.

The first official celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the United States occurred in Morristown, New Jersey in 1780. (This is just across the river from my home in Center City, Philadelphia, the undisputed home of revolutionary causes.)

The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration was authorized by George Washington, America’s first president.  Today St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Irish as well as many other Americans with parades, parties, wearing of green, Irish songs and jigs.  The jigs are my favorite.

Center City, Philadelphia becomes full of lively, green energy beginning early in the morning with the St. Patrick’s Day parade and ending late in the evening with the jigs occurring in the bars and on the streets.  As soon as I wake up, the streets of green are visible from the windows of my home.

The reason people wear green on St. Patrick’s day is to represent the lushness of Ireland, which truly is the Emerald Isle.  So green, especially emerald green, is the color you could get to know more intimately.  Use St. Patty’s Day to expand your physical knowledge of green vibrations and the use color therapy for healing and personal growth.

Pay attention to the physical vibrations of green. Notice the green around you. Wear green, look at green and use green to heal some of your emotional and physical wounds.

Green is a very healing color. I am not going to tell you what green means and is. That is not how I teach color therapy.  You need to get to know green directly without having someone else tell you what green vibrations can do for you.

Wear lots of green this week for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration and notice the concrete, physical effects.  Don’t forget the cabbage and leprechauns!


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