How to Use Your Imagination During a Pandemic

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Your Imagination.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Energy and Transformational Teacher

You may have heard that psychological research shows over and over
again that imagining something is as good as physically doing
something. Tis true. Sometimes, imagining something is even better
than actually doing it.

So, I have been saying to myself each morning, “I am on vacation.
What do I want to do today? Shall I drive to that park or this park?
Or shall I explore a new area I have never been before?”

Travel is not the best thing to be doing right now for most of us.
However, traveling in your imagination works wonders. What fun it is
to use your imagination to create a better experience for yourself. I
have been having a ball on my vacation. If you live in a place that
does not have much to offer, be creative and clever. Use your
imagination to improve your life in all regards.

Do not live in a fantasy, pretending the virus is not real or alive.
Instead, create a more appealing, safe reality for yourself. When I
am on vacation I allow myself to do what I want to do in the way and
time that I want to do it. I give myself more breaks from how much
does that cost and should I or should I not do this. This use of my
imagination creates an opportunity for more creativity, freedom and
fun to occur in each moment. As a result, more vibrant moments are
likely to occur. Most importantly, my priorities are in the proper
place. Petty things do not bother me.

Some Suggestions for How to Use Your Imagination:

Imagine yourself getting a massage
See yourself walking in the mountains, getting exercise
Visualize yourself at the beach swimming
Hear the sounds of the birds singing in the rainforest
Smell the roses at your favorite garden
Feel the wide-open spaces that are out west with your whole body
Imagine you are a bard who knows magic
Sink into bed and have fun imaging anything you desire

Make your visualizations as real and true as possible. Include
details. Add feelings and all your senses. Once in my youth, I
pitched my women’s softball team to a championship by practicing at
night on my pillow. I never pitched before! Visualizing something
really works. Enrich your life by seeing what you want and need.

If you imagine something, it becomes a physical reality. Tis,
one of the many wonders of our human species.


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