How to Deal with Frustration and Helplessness

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Bend with the Wind.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Transformational Coach, Mentor


Major worldwide events, one after another, are adding more and more
stress every day to your nervous system. How to cope? What can you
do? Are you riding the ups and downs so you are moving forward?
Or are you stuck in denial?

External stress is triggering our chronic and acute anxieties. When
you cannot control the events in your world, it is normal to feel
helpless. Helplessness is our current worldwide human feeling. An
unhealthy, ineffective way to deal with helplessness is to become
frustrated. When you are frustrated you often become hostile. When
you are hostile you often act out your feelings on others or objects.
Such as— rape, physical abuse and looting.

Instead of acting out how you feel, which is not effective, you could
feel how you feel and do nothing. Strong emotions and feelings give
you information about external and internal realities. Information needs
to be absorbed and processed. It does not need to be reacted to with
knee jerk responses. Reactions are not effective. You could receive,
accept and use information to move out of helplessness into

This simple, basic choice is yours at any moment of the day or night.
You feel helpless, like a child. You feel helpless, like a woman. You
feel helpless, like a black man. You encounter “city hall,” as I like
to call it. You hit the rigid structures of your government, society
and parents. You hit energy that will not bend, move or adjust. Rigid
structures are everywhere in our world.

It is not helpful for you to be rigid and join this unhealthy,
ineffective energy. Instead, choose to bend with the wind. You can
move out of helplessness into assertiveness. First, you need to take
responsibility for how you feel. No matter what you feel, own it. The
healthy way to deal with your feelings is to be kind and understanding
with yourself. Knowing you feel helpless alerts you to the fact that you
need to change or learn something new in order to become effective.

You can let go of your rigid behaviors and become flexible. You can
let go of your obsessive thoughts and learn new ways to do things. I
know, letting go of control is not easy. It is scary. Probably the
scariest thing you will ever have to do. However, the consequences of
holding on to your rigid ego are much worse than the benefits you
gain from learning new skills and ways to cope and get through the
stressful day.

The two new skills you need to learn, relearn or improve are:

  1. Being assertive
  2. Reducing anxiety naturally

To feel more of your personal power, learn to be effective when you
feel helpless, even if being effective means being in touch with your
feelings and emotions and doing nothing. Usually when you are kind
with yourself your inner strengths, intuition, and creativity pop up
to help you. Sit still and listen to the wisdom that comes into your
conscious mind that guides you into the next vibrant moment.

Maybe some of the rigid world structures are falling apart. I am
trusting this is true. Do your part and get rid of your rigidity to
help the forward movement keep going. Rigid human behaviors must
be replaced with creative, flexible behaviors. Then humans will be back
in balance with Mother Earth and have excellent mental health.

Be safe and sane.


“Thank you Dr. Jeanette for your Assertiveness Training home study course, I
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passive-aggressive rather than being assertive. Now I know the
difference. The difference is huge, both in regard to my actions and
the results I get.”  Kevin from the UK


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