How to Overcome SAD, Depression and Anxiety in 2022

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Receive Light.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

How many shades of light are you aware of?

If you are a visual artist, you probably notice light more than the
rest of us. This is the season we celebrate light and need more light
to feel good and be healthy. You could be proactive this winter and
keep the low energy of SAD and depression away from you. Let there
be light. The lights of Hanukkah and Christmas are glorious to behold
and feel so good in your whole body.

Researchers have found a white paint that is so white that if you use
it on your house, even in hot places, you do not need air conditioners.
Wow, that brings home the difference in shades of white light. If you
look up white, house paint, there are a mind-blogging variety of colors.
I picked the whitest paint I have ever seen for my office. It reminds
me of the white buildings on Santorini. White with no yellow or blue
or red. The whole island of Santorini is painted white with black
sand and a black volcano just off its coast. Glorious sunlight bounces
all around, reflecting off the sparkling, everlasting water.

I have a friend who can sense the dramatic difference in the winter
light as opposed to summer light. I cannot—yet. The first place I
traveled that I did notice a different light was Katmandu, Nepal. The
light in the Himalayas was definitely different. I still cannot put
my finger on how it was different. However, I could see it and
feel it. When in the Rockies and other mountains in the US, I do not
sense the same light as I experienced in Febbruary 1983 in Katmandu.

I am excited to be tuning up my sensor to become more aware of light
this season. Winter Solstice is coming and the light will be
increasing for you to enjoy and receive. Notice light around you.
Take a moment, to make the moment, more vibrant, by being still and
receiving more of what is outside of you. Breathe in the light and
see where it goes in your body. Breathe out the light and see if the
color has changed. Light is full of different colors, shades and

Walking in my neighborhood today in Center City, Philadelphia, I saw
bright yellow irises in full bloom. Wow! December 13. Their light is
getting to my head as I write this, so I have more energy and am
happier to be alive. May you find more energy and increased happiness
as you tune into the lights on this planet and inside of yourself.

Let your cells soak up the light so they radiate light into the world.


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How to Feel Better: Take Personal Responsibility for Your Experience

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Responsible
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Author


When was the last time you felt really bad. Heavy? Weak, tired and
unhappy. I was dragging myself around for my daily walk. “What is
going on with me” I pondered. “It is spring time and I love spring.”
It is so hard to be grumpy when spring is expressing itself all over
the land. Tiny little flowers popping up everywhere. These bright
colors normally create a smile in every cell so I feel good all over.
Not today, no tingles for me.

My energy is definitely not resonating with the energy of spring. I
am like molasses— dark and slow. “Wonder if I taste as good as
molasses?” I thought. At least, I have not completely lost my sense
of humor! A tiny smile occurred to help me shift out of my heavy
energy and observe how I am creating such slow energy. Too much
thinking, that is for sure. I have learned over the years that my
Inner Critic depletes my energy quicker than anything else. So, I
looked at my thoughts. Sure enough, that Inner Monster was hitting
me with some nasty, scary thoughts.

The next thing I did was dig deeper into how I felt. Yes, sure enough,
Old Man River, came to mind. “I’m tired of living and scared of dying,”
was singing in my heart. It is important to discover how you really
feel, not just what you are thinking. I was feeling helpless. Things
were not going as I wished. I felt trapped and did not know what to do.
You may have trouble admitting you feel helpless but it quickly
empowers you if you do. Once you know you feel helpless, then you
take responsibility for yourself. Being responsible is an effective,
wise action to take in all situations.

Taking personal responsibility immediately removes you from the
mental illness category. When you are responsible for your
experience, you have the power. This is extremely important.
Otherwise, your unconscious is the one with the upper hand. Effective
personal growth brings up from the dark what you are doing to create
your experience to your conscious mind. There are many real life
events where feeling bad is what we really need to feel, for example,
in times of great loss such as many of us have been forced to deal
with during the pandemic. Grieving is a good feeling bad.

However, feeling bad because your unconscious is controlling you is
quite different. This type of feeling bad is totally unnecessary and
wasteful. We all get stuck in mass consciousness and powerful people
take the time to get unstuck. Take responsibly and tell your Inner
Critic to get in the back seat because you are the one in charge; you
are the driver. Take responsibility and get the help you need to
solve your real problems. Yes, get help from many sources.

Breathe, notice your thoughts, feel your feelings and take
responsibility. Soon, you feel better, much better. The next day,
you’ll feel even better, and wiser.


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