How do you love?

Greetings Vibrant Moment Seekers,


Who do you love?

What do you love?

How do you love?


Some of you have told me in the past

that you do not know how to let go and

fully and completely love anyone.  



English speaking people have one word for love.


This means you use the same word for 

Loving chocolate as you do for 

Loving your parents as you do for 

Loving the person you physically desire.


Over 2,000 years ago the Greeks had at least four 

words for love.   


Στοργε – storge is affection parents have for children

 ερος – eros is romantic love

 φιλια – filia is friendship 

αγαπε – agape is unconditional love


The Glorious Greeks reached a place of beauty and 

grace, which is missing in our world today.


Are humans de- evolving? 

Is our ability to love diminishing?

Are we going backwards?


If you want to be healthy, vibrant and happy 

consider increasing your ability to love.


My suggestion is to start with a love the misogynist

Greeks did not have a word for…


A type of love one gets a thrilling feeling from,

the love of your emotions. 


What would your life be like if you

loved your emotions and feelings instead of 

rejecting them, or 

ignoring them or 

trying to free yourself from them, or

controlling them so they do what you want them to do?


If you loved your emotions and feelings your life would

not be boring, ordinary or mundane.


No, if you loved your emotions and feelings your life

would be be full of color, excitement, energy and vitality.


As an added bonus, the act of adding your emotions and feelings

to the 4 types of love the Greeks engaged in,

would make each type of love that much deeper,

more permanent and secure.


When you love your emotions and feelings you

experience life with a richness paper money cannot buy.


 I am not suggesting that any healthy love is a diet of sugar.

No way, loveing your emoitons and feelings means loving

all of them…..not just the sweet ones. 


You get excited and happy just walking down the street

or sitting in the tub or soaking in the beauty of your environment.


Real happiness is not based on doing a good job.


Nope,  real joy is being full of vital, emotional energy–

without thinking or doing anything. 




LOVE YOUR EMOTIONS:  Give yourself or your beloved 

a Valentine’s Day gift  to last a lifetime, learn to open your heart.


Ideas, guidance and techniques for falling in love with 

emotions and feelings are part of my “Opening the Heart “

material available in ebook and audio.



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Anxiety Missing? New Year Resolutions for Relaxation

See yourself at the end of 2008:

Looking in the mirror you see a difference between last and this year. You are proud of yourself and feel all warm inside because you have less anxiety.  You look much more relaxed.

You did take action and you got results. You feel good and look strong, happy and secure in the mirror.

You know you deserve to be strong, happy and secure.

Now it is the beginning of 2008:

If your physical body and emotional body do not reflect back to you
–a big difference from the body and emotions you had last year–
this means you are not becoming stronger.

Each year needs to be a step forward toward your purpose in life.

Self improvement is not permanent until your physical body reflects
changes in the mirror.

You may think you have changed, but if you cannot see a difference in
the mirror, the energy is not there. You must see your body
radiate out more love and light when you look in the mirror or
you have not changed.

In addition, you want to feel better, not just look better!

Take a loving look at yourself in the mirror.

Do not waste your precious life another moment in
mundaneness and ordinary consciousness.

You have innate talents, skills and abilities
which need to be used for the highest good.

If you are not using them, they are being wasted.

Emotional health is not achieved until your body relaxes to
allow more vibrant energy to flow though your flesh.

You are incarnate after all!

The way to get more juicy energy flowing
through your body is to let go of old, thought patterns,
false beliefs, projections and conditioned responses.

Then peak experiences and vibrant moments happen au natural.

Your body reveals the truth about your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Your body does not have the ability to lie. Listen to
“Hear Your Body Talking” for more information.

Review this last year with love, laughter and kindness toward the self.

Do not judge what you see.
Judgment takes you nowhere!

Review 2007, without judgment.
Order the Cd on Judgment and Guilt
to shift out of judgment into self acceptance.

Amp up your life with some serious self improvement
so you are stronger next January.

Specific suggestions:

1. Follow the free advice available on the internet radio shows,
in the library at Live at the Edge. If you take action on the suggestions,
next year this time, you are sure to notice a huge difference in your
body and feelings when you look in the mirror.

2. Let something touch your heart and soul. A person, a moment,
a color, a feeling, a sound. Be open to being affected. Open your
heart and energy field–really…
Click here to order, “Opening the Heart.”

3. Take action on the things you read in The Vibrant Moment newsletter.
Don’t just read about something, do something. Order something,
buy something, take action. Get education in the areas you need to
know more about so you succeed. Use any of these Self help products to
become stronger, happier and more secure.

4. Use your mind to set in motion this year’s intentions.
Imagine your desires, see them and put some energy behind them.
Energy follows intentions.

Become your authentic, real, vibrant self.


Doris Jeanette, copyright, January, 2008

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist with 30 years of experience
helping people self actualize. If you need a speaker, coach or consultant
call her at 215-732-6197 or write her at

Visit her global web site and partake of her
15 self help products so next year you are smiling from ear to soul.

Anxiety Art and Anxiety Culture in the USA…

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In This Issue
1. The Creative Process of the PodCast Contest, vote for the one you like the best or come up with a new combination.
2. A NYC artist from Australia takes on legal drugs – a look from outside, into America
3. Meet me in Virginia Beach
4. “Do it” author revealed.
5. New Body Class in Philadelphia, Overcoming Anxiety Naturally, begins April
1.The Creative Process of The PodCast Contest

Below are some of the best ideas I have gotten. Take a look at them and give me feedback about which ones you like best.

In addition, see if these words inspire you to come up with a totally different, new name. You know how one person’s creative idea inspires you to be even more creative?

In the future as time goes by,we will not be able to tell whose idea is whose because the energy will be so flowing so much, we cannot tell the difference.

How is that for a different way of looking at the world? Not me, me, me, mine. But you, yours and ours! The transpersonal kicks in as well as the the laws of physics. (Did you all hear from Dr. Tart how transpersonal came into being as a word? )

For new people here is the information about the podcast contest.

Win a Self Help Prize if you Name my podcast.

My radio show is called, Live at the Edge
My newsletter is called The Vibrant Moment.
My blog’s are called Enjoy Life,
Live at the Edge and The Vibrant Moment.

What is the niche my podcast needs to fill?

When you go to Itunes and pickup podcasts, what are you looking for?

What keywords do I need to use to attract the people who want holistic psychology information?

What words describe the unique information I offer?

Come on marketing geniuses, creative geniuses and
other such souls–
have fun,
name my podcast.

If you already have, as many of you do, the “Opening the Heart” material you get to pick another gift of course.

The Winner gets:
One of the 10 holistic psychology lectures on CD’s or
my Overcoming Anxiety Naturally online e course sans CDs

or “Opening the Heart”, 3 tape series.

Here are the suggestions I have received so far.

“Vibrant Living
“Banish the Blues with Dr D” or “Beat the Blues…

“Words that occur to me as being apt are “authentic, energy/energetic, holistic, heart-centred, flowing”

Effervessence? It’s a hybrid word concocted of Effervescent (sparkling, high-spirits, bubbly – all of which are ways to define vibrancy) and Evanesence the rock band (who have some emotional and inspiring songs/words – like your newsletters).

Vibrancy is the end result of doing the kind of work you espouse.

Vote for one of these or come up with your own new combination.

2. Justine Cooper does art about Anxiety, Culture and Science
I get alerts from google everyday in my email box– any news which has to do with anxiety pops into my box.  Imagine my surprise to find an Australia artist, living in NYC doing multimedia art in a gallery about anxiety.

Or was it about anxiety? See who got the last laugh or maybe no one is really laughing at all. I contacted her as soon as I read the anxiety news, so I could interview her on my internet radio show,” Live at the Edge.”

Visit Live at the Edge blog for more information about Drug Art and what this pill can do for you—only if you have the right label of course or the right anxiety.

Learn more about the legal drug problem in America as Dr. J chats with Justine Cooper on “Live at the Edge.” new radio at it’s best. Listen carefully if you have children.
3- Meet me in Virginia Beach
I will be speaking to a group in Virginia Beach on March 12 and 13.

I can do one or two private, in person, energy awareness, emotional healing sessions with anyone who would like one. Contact me now if you are interested. If you have friends in the area, tell them about my holistic psychology method and forward this newsletter to them.

4-“Do It” and the author is………

Several weeks ago, I got a few incorrect responses to my question about the author of “Do It. ” And then I forgot all about the contest until I started this new contest. Sorry, why didn’t someone say something?

The incorrect answers maybe due to a younger audience. I am not sure.

“Do It” was published by Simon and Schuster, 1970 and I loved it. Jerry Rubin was the author. He did not seem hostile or angry to me, he seemed smart. Would be interesting to see how I would perceive the book at this point in my life. Did anyone else read it?

5- New Body Tools Class in Philadelphia ~ Early April
If you can get to Center City in person this is your opportunity to work with me personally.

Become aware of the energy inside of you and around you. Powerful stuff. Learn to feel what is really there so you can begin transforming the yuck…..then you feel better!

New Class starting on Wed. Nights at 6:30 pm. Call 215-732-6197 to be interviewed.

Doris Jeanette, copyright, March 2, 2007


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