How do you love?

Greetings Vibrant Moment Seekers,


Who do you love?

What do you love?

How do you love?


Some of you have told me in the past

that you do not know how to let go and

fully and completely love anyone.  



English speaking people have one word for love.


This means you use the same word for 

Loving chocolate as you do for 

Loving your parents as you do for 

Loving the person you physically desire.


Over 2,000 years ago the Greeks had at least four 

words for love.   


Στοργε – storge is affection parents have for children

 ερος – eros is romantic love

 φιλια – filia is friendship 

αγαπε – agape is unconditional love


The Glorious Greeks reached a place of beauty and 

grace, which is missing in our world today.


Are humans de- evolving? 

Is our ability to love diminishing?

Are we going backwards?


If you want to be healthy, vibrant and happy 

consider increasing your ability to love.


My suggestion is to start with a love the misogynist

Greeks did not have a word for…


A type of love one gets a thrilling feeling from,

the love of your emotions. 


What would your life be like if you

loved your emotions and feelings instead of 

rejecting them, or 

ignoring them or 

trying to free yourself from them, or

controlling them so they do what you want them to do?


If you loved your emotions and feelings your life would

not be boring, ordinary or mundane.


No, if you loved your emotions and feelings your life

would be be full of color, excitement, energy and vitality.


As an added bonus, the act of adding your emotions and feelings

to the 4 types of love the Greeks engaged in,

would make each type of love that much deeper,

more permanent and secure.


When you love your emotions and feelings you

experience life with a richness paper money cannot buy.


 I am not suggesting that any healthy love is a diet of sugar.

No way, loveing your emoitons and feelings means loving

all of them…..not just the sweet ones. 


You get excited and happy just walking down the street

or sitting in the tub or soaking in the beauty of your environment.


Real happiness is not based on doing a good job.


Nope,  real joy is being full of vital, emotional energy–

without thinking or doing anything. 




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