How to Overcome Insomnia and Sleep without Worry

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CertaPet published a study that focuses on seasonal depression in
people & pets. The study, based on keyword searches, shows that
insomnia is the top mental health condition in every state for people
who use the Internet. Very interesting study. Let me share my bias
with you: I would have guessed anxiety would be the most searched
mental health concern. As a psychologist, I often forget that many
people do not know they are anxious, but they do know they cannot

Sleep. Such a simple, natural, essential behavior as going to sleep
can be interrupted easily by anxiety, worry and fear. Fear is real.
Anxiety is irrational. Worry is useless. Therefore, the only time you
need to stay awake is when there is a real fear. Humans used to stay
awake to keep the fire burning. If the fire went out, there was
trouble in the land, clan and tribe. Some of you may still have deep
inside of you an old fear of “things in the night,” like our African
ancestors used to have.

If you are having trouble sleeping, it is essential to get the help
you need to deal with any real fears so you can rest easy at night.
After you have taken care of reality, then you need to get serious
about letting go of control and allowing your body and mind to relax.
Some people worry at night. Some people worry during the day. Some
people worry all the time.

To sleep better, notice when you are worrying and consciously shift
into relaxing your body and mind. If you focus on your breathing this
helps you stop worrying. You may have to pull your awareness away
from worry more than once. Focus on breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe
in. Keep at it. Let me know if you are successful; I love feedback.
Paying attention to nothing but my breathing allows me to go to sleep
when I use it correctly.

To stop worrying in general, you need to reduce your overall anxiety.
This means you must spend time unlearning your anxiety responses,
one step at a time. To break free, use your relaxation response in real
life to relax during stressful moments. When you relax, you have
vibrant moments. Vibrant moments are worth the effort it takes to get
back in your body so you enjoy the real world around you.


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