How to Stop Overthinking and Prevent Mental Illness and Stomach Aches

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Do Not Waste Energy.
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Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


How many ways do you waste your precious energy?

As I age, I am re-learning many things. A-amazing how you forget some
of the effective tools you used before. Yesterday, while reading through
some old notes, I was reminded of one of the many ways I waste energy.
I know thinking about something I cannot change is a waste of energy.
Alas, we know something is hurting us and we do not know how to stop it.

To change something that is hurting you, the first step is to become
aware of something you are doing that you are not aware of. Diving
deep and re-surfacing is the pathway to transformation and more
vibrant moments. It really helps to spend time alone so you can get
in touch with reality. Virginia Wolf’s book, A Room of Ones’ Own is a
classic if you have not read about the power of having your own
space. If you do not have the luxury of a whole house or room, use
separate time and outdoor space to find your true self.

I took a month retreat to be by myself alone with “me, myself and I,”
as Joan Armatrading loves to sing. Being alone is also good because
there is no one else to blame or project your judgements on. I began by
paying close attention to what I was thinking; during the day, at night
and while eating by candlelight; with my cup of ginger tea, with my
eyes closed and open and while cleaning house.

The result? Experiencing my thoughts and what I am doing with them is
driving me crazy. Yes, it is your thoughts that drive you crazy. My thoughts
are interesting thoughts, not boring thoughts. My thoughts are
positive thoughts, not negative thoughts. Wow, these thoughts are still
driving me crazy. Yes, positive thoughts can hurt you just as much as
negative ones. It is the energy of thinking that is so controlling and

When you stop to think, you stop your healthy energy flow. Seriously.
“The Thinker,” Rodin’s statue here in Philadelphia is stuck and does
not flow. Take this physical fact to heart, thinking is the way you control
yourself and inhibit yourself. Repetitive thoughts take on a physical
form, becoming a mass of energy. This energy is called a Thought
Form. When thoughts become physical, they become beliefs. Beliefs are
extremely controlling. Good beliefs are as harmful as bad ones. There
are no right and wrongs in the real world. All of man’s judgments, good
or bad are outside of reality and are harmful to your mental and physical

When I finally felt the mental energy I was stuck in, I felt sick to
my stomach. So sick, I wanted to throw up. Yuck, get this nasty stuff
out of me was my body’s reaction. Wonderful. Now I cannot deny how I
am hurting myself and my body. (This is how I quit smoking way back,
read about it in the free library at I preach all
the time to you: To empower yourself you must get in your body and
stay there. Pay attention to your physical reality and accept what
you find with compassion. Do not blame yourself or others. Reality is
reality is reality.

Bringing yucky stuff up from your unconscious and feeling what you
are doing to yourself is usually enough to get you to stop hurting
yourself. At least it is for me. I love myself enough to stop hurting
myself when I am face to face with reality. Before my retreat, my
acupuncturist told me my stomach and spleen were screaming when he
read my pulse. He was not sure how serious it was, but they were
upset. Now, I feel what he was feeling in my pulse. My stomach is
screaming. Physical feedback wakes you up to reality.

Now I notice when my thoughts upset my stomach and stop as soon as I
can. To help me stay on track when my stomach is not screaming, I pay
attention to anything I think or do that wastes energy. When I notice I
am wasting energy I begin to change what I am thinking and the actions
based on my thoughts. This helps keep the screams from developing in
the first place.

Wow, reality is sobering. I am re-listening to my audio, Tame Your
Thoughts for help.
When you stop thinking so much you stop wasting
your precious energy. When you stop wasting your energy, you get
different results. A more relaxed stomach feels better.


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