My, My Maine continued….

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Leaving the coast was hard. I love the sea so much I never want to leave, but we said goodbye to peak red trees and the known beauty of Maine.

If you never let go of what you already have, you cannot get anything better, so off we went to a new part of Maine. Hoping for the best……..

We found the Lakes Region and checked into our charming new home, Wings Hill Inn just in time for tea and cookies. My, my, the cookies were tasty. Buttery and melted in your mouth. I stashed two in my room for later.

I am always in search of sunsets. Can’t get enough of them and the timing is frequently off. We had a few minutes of anxiety about getting our car parked somewhere, just like in the city. Naturally, I wanted to see the sun set over the mountains and the water. The viewing had to be just perfect you know.

Later we learned, all we had to do was walk from our Inn to the shores of the lake. This is the reason you want to hang out at a place long enough to get to know how to take care of your needs.

Sunsets are one of my huge needs. I slowly watched the sky turn into raging colors……..


This sunset alone, was worth leaving the coast for, the sunset was prettier than any I have ever seen on my many trips to the Maine coast. One of the innkeepers, Chris said, “Gorgeous sunsets are consistent, night after night.” A place you can count on getting your sunset needs met is a rare place indeed. Keep that in mind.

Who would expect to find elegant dinning in the rural regions of Maine? Wow, were we pleased to get good coffee and eggs benedict, my favorite, with extra hollandaise. Reading the press on the walls, we discovered, we had landed in the middle of two chefs, married to each other, both graduates of the American Culinary Institute. Besides the A+ food, there were nice little extra touches, like our names on the menu welcoming us and saying goodbye to those who were leaving. Felt good.

After a friendly chat and recommendations from Tracy, the other innkeeper, we headed out for a day in nature. We took a vista lovers hike, looking down on the many lakes in the area. The trees were past peak, but still mighty good looking. This hike was for Jenna who loves the views on the hills.

Next we walked in a clean, pure forest, miles and miles of pristine nature. This hike was for me. I need to be in the middle of the forest, surrounded by her energy. These pristine trees felt so good to walk in, around and among. The smells in the forest brought me deep pleasure and reassurance.

My goal was to take nature’s energy back home with me to the city, so I soaked reality up and stored her power inside for later.

We even had time for a short kayak trip on a pond before getting cleaned up for our 5 course dinner. How perfect is that? A day in nature, wild and free; and then a gourmet dinner right at our own home. Didn’t even have to drive anywhere to get there in the dark. We had a bottle of Pinot Noir in the trunk of our rental car, which was perfect for whatever we choose to eat.

I have to tell you the truth. The meal we had at Wings Hill Inn, ranks close to the top of my list. The only other meal that tops it, is the one I had in Fountaine Bleu at the Black Eagle restaurant in France back in 1995. Admittedly I have not eaten at every great restaurant in Philadelphia or the world, but Wings Hill Inn is at the top of my list in America. The food is worth going to the country for. I had two, new peak experiences, one with Tracey’s French Toast and the other with Chris’ delicate, creamy celery soup.

Heaven. Fresh, clean nature and excellent gourmet food, a combination which is hard to find and even harder to beat.

Here I am saying goodbye to a 175 year old tree that lives in the Inn’s yard. tree.jpg