Sound and Color Therapy: Depression and Anxiety Help, Open Your Chakras


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Colors tell the truth.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
Live at the Edge:


Are you the same color this year as last?
Are you becoming more open or stuck in one place?

Colors, just like emotions, do not stay stuck in
one place.

This means your relationship to color is constantly
changing.  Your relationship to color can change at a
moment’s notice just like your emotions suddenly
change and rearrange.

As a matter of fact, your relationship to color changes
dramatically depending on how much you are changing
emotionally and physically.  If you are becoming more
open and healthier your relationship to color changes.

Last week I told you I was red.  In the last six months
my relationship to red has changed dramatically.

In February I developed a red rash on my abdomen while
I was in Glenwood Springs, Colorado swimming in the
world’s largest outdoor hot springs pool.  I have been
swimming in these healing waters for 18 years.

The high sulfur content in the warm, therapeutic pool
always helps me clean away my toxins.  However, this
year my skin did not seem happy with the heat.

I was trying to heal the rash each night with my
smoothing tea tree oil.  Tea tree oil usually takes care
of most problems my sensitive, delicate skin develops.
Tea tree oil was not helping.

I tried Vitamin E, aloe, castor oil. Nothing was improving
the rash. So, I swam in the cooler part of the gigantic
pool and stayed out of the hot, hot water which I love.
Still the rash persisted.

One night, I put on my red pajamas and something did not
feel right.  I wanted to take off my soft, red shirt
immediately. So I quickly took off my red top. I felt
better as soon as the red was off my skin.

At first I was not sure what was happening.  After a few
nights, it was clear.  The color red make the rash more
unpleasant and I could not bear the intensity of red
against my skin.

I switched to white pajamas.  This color was the only one
I could tolerate against my skin.  I tried to wear my
favorite red pjs again the next week. I had the same
unpleasant reaction. So I stayed with white. The rash
cleared up in a few weeks.

Red was the dominant color in my wardrobe.  I loved red,
wore red and needed red.  Suddenly my relationship to
red was changing dramatically. I could not tolerate its

Now, four months later I just noticed this morning that
the two pair of shoes I wore yesterday were bright,
beautiful turquoise.

I have been craving blue, wearing blue and needing blue.
I have not worn any of those red clothes I own since
February.  Blue is the color I am wearing most often.

Over the course of the last six months, the back of my
throat chakra has been opening.  As a result of this
dramatic, intense shift, my entire relationship to red
has changed.  My relationship to blue has also
dramatically changed.

Pay attention to your relationship to each color and what
it means. Get to know more about how open and closed your
chakras are.

Be Careful.  Do not use too much color all at once. Like
eating, it is not healthy to put too much on your plate.
Slow down to feel more.  You need to learn to feel subtle
vibrations.  Take a very small bite of color and chew well.
Do not add more color until you know what it is doing to
your mind-body.

For Parents:  Use Color Therapy with your children to
keep them healthy and strong.  Color Therapy is a great way
to keep them from getting depressed and anxious. If they
are already depressed or anxious, use Sound and Color
Therapy to help them return to health.

For Professionals: If you do not use Sound and Color
Therapy, consider adding it to your tool box. Color and
sound are powerful, effective, safe ways to shift your
unhealthy energy to healthy energy. Then you can teach
your clients how to do the same.


report, “Energize Your Mind-Body with Color and
Sound” is an affordable way to learn more about
how you can use sound and color to become more
open and healthier.  The color and sound exercises
help you and your children sense subtle energy.
Slow down and notice your mind-body energy after
each exercise.  PDF format, 40 pages, $19.97.

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October 22, join me for the yearly Fall Nature
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Aloha, (Hawaiian for “Hello”.)

I am thinking of presenting a two-day workshop
on the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona side at
the Place of Refuge, a National Park:  It would take
place next February on one of these topics:

Topic A: Experience the Energy of Body, Earth,
Emotions to Heal Yourself
Topic B: Use the Energy of Body, Earth and
Emotions in Your Healing Practice
Topic C: You name what you want.

The workshop is tax deductible as professional
development for healers and for others it maybe a
business expense. Check with your accountant.

If this idea excites you and there’s a chance you
might actually attend, please tell me which topic
you like and anything else that would make the
workshop do-able for you. I am thinking of early

Mahalo!  (Hawaiian for “thank you”.)

Read more about Hawiian Workshop in Feb. 2012

If you have never been to the Big Island, it has an
active volcano with fire and surreal landscapes. This
makes it the newest land mass on the planet. It is
also the home of the newest group of humans. The Hilo
side has the cleanest air on the planet and the whole
island some of the darkest skies.


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