Breaking Up? Getting a Divorce? Love Relationship Advice: Look in the Mirror


Mirrors in my living room.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Look at yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
Live at the Edge:


Are you breaking up with someone? Getting a divorce?
Or just fighting and getting no where?

If you look in the mirror, you can discover a great
deal about yourself. You can see what others see.

If you are breaking up, getting a divorce or just
fighting and getting nowhere, it is in your best
interest to look at yourself.  If you have never had
a loving relationship, you definitely need to take a
good look at yourself.

When my heart was broken at the age of 34, I was in so
much pain I could hardly bear to move. I cried up and
down the stairs in my Center City home in Philadelphia.

I had a waiting list in my private practice. I thought
this proved I was conscious and aware. I thought this
proved I was loving and caring. How could this
happen to me?

Breaking up is never easy.  Sometimes families are
torn asunder. Hearts are broken and ripped apart.
Loving relationships end with bitterness and blame.

My excruciating, painful break up motivated me to look
at myself.

To see myself better, I began to buy and put up mirrors
all over my house.  The mirrors were old and new. Large
and small.  Pretty and plain.

You can do the same. You can even use the reflection of
the glass panes around you as you walk in your
environment. You can use the window panes of your car.
You can use the mirrors you already own.

Find the closest mirror and try your best to see what
you are looking at.  Look with new eyes at yourself.
Look with fresh, objective eyes.

You can look and see yourself from a new, enlightened
point of view.

Are you anxious?
Do you have a tight face, tight shoulder?
Is your right shoulder higher than your left?
Are you open, loving?
Does your ego have a hold of you?
Can you see your critical face?
Do you notice your tense body?

If you keep looking in the mirror you will find the
part of you that is tight and rigid.  This is the part
of you that you can unlearn, own and let go of.  This
is your ego. This is the learned, defensive part of you
that causes problems in relationships.

Looking in mirrors is good medicine.

Looking in mirrors helped me learn to read body
language, emotional states and energy fields.  You can
do the same.

For Parents:  Look at yourself and look at your child.
See if you can see what part of you is dominant in the
morning. Look at your child and see how she responds
when you frown at her or criticize her.

For Professionals: Look in the mirror and see what your
clients see. I have four mirrors in my office. I can see
me and I help them see me. How do you look the moment
before they come into your office?  How do you look in
the morning when you get up? How do you look when your
clients leaves your office?


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