Negative, Obsessive Thoughts? Get Anxiety Help For You and Your Child


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Is your child or niece going off to college?
Do you stay awake at night worrying?

A research study with Stanford University students
found that 95% of the thoughts college students have
are negative thoughts about themselves.

The negative thoughts you have about yourself tend to
repeat over and over again. These negative thoughts
can recur during your waking state and in your dreams.

Yes, notice how often you dream the same dream with
the same theme.  And of course, these same thoughts
are the ones that keep you awake at night so that
you cannot sleep with ease.

Your brain is amazing.  It loves to think.  And if
you are a bit anxious it can go wild against itself.
Your brain can drive you crazy by thinking the same
thought over and over again.

Thinking the same thought more than three times is
called obsessive thinking.  Obsessive thinking will
keep your young college student from being able to
concentrate and study effectively for his first test.

Your niece could drop out of college due to her
obsessive thinking. Does she know how to study
effectively? Does she know how to get help with her
obsessive thinking and anxiety?

You need to learn effective ways to tame your
thoughts and keep them from ruining your sleep,
lunch and fun.  Then you can help your child or niece
learn how to study, concentrate and be effective with
their thinking.

I stay away from mental approaches; they keep your
mind far too active.  Instead, I use body approaches.
Increase your body awareness and body use.

Body approaches are powerful weapons against out of
control, obsessive thinking.  If you learn, develop and
use body approaches you will tame your thoughts.

For Parents:  Make sure your college student is
prepared and ready for his or her first semester.
Help him learn effective study skills so he has time
for fun and friends. Talk with him about negative,
obsessive thinking and tell him to get help before he
gets an upset stomach or drops out.

For Professionals: Tame your own thoughts so you can
help your clients tame theirs.  Obsessive thinking is a
sign of anxiety. The way to solve obsessive thinking is
to reduce your anxiety and teach your client’s how to
reduce their anxiety. Use body approaches.


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