Your Body Knows. Listen. The Law of Resonance.


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Notice your body.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
Live at the Edge:


A client I have worked with off and on over my 35 year
career was very upset and sad last week.

I had the privilege of working with each of her family
members at certain times over the years.  As a result
I learned a great deal about mental health, family
dynamics and how to heal emotional wounds from working
with her.

As soon as she sat down, she said, “I have some bad
news about my daughter.  Her breast cancer has spread
to her bones.”

I felt my stomach go into a hard knot that felt like a
solid piece of rock. Her statement took my breath away
as I sank into reality.  My stomach felt like a black
hole full of hard, frozen pain.

My 83-year-old client continued, “It will be terrible
if my daughter dies before I do. She is only 50
years old.”

I took a deep breath and held my stomach.  As I
exhaled, I empathized, “It would be very, very sad if
she dies before you.”

Since I am empathic and kinesthetic, I feel in my
body how others feel in theirs. I was pretty sure my
stomach was resonating with my client’s stomach.  When
I mentioned the hard rock feeling in my stomach, she
said, “Yes, my stomach is tight and hurts.”

This is the way energy works. Just as one tuning fork
resonates with another tuning fork, human bodies
with the bodies around them. This is the
reason I can work on the phone so effectively.  I
resonate, which is another way to say, I feel.

When you are around people, notice the information that
is available to you via your body.  Body awareness is
extremely helpful.

I was able to tell what my client was feeling so I
knew how to help her relax her stomach and begin to
let her grief move through her body instead of getting
stuck in her stomach.

It will be very helpful to you to notice your body.
You can develop your ability to read the information
available so that you know what is going on with you
and others.

When you can read the information in your body, you
have the ability to heal your unhealthy energy before
it is too late.

You can also learn how to  disengage from other
people’s unhealthy energy so that you are not harmed
or drained by outside factors.

Increase your body awareness if you want to become
stronger and healthier.


For Parents:  Become more aware of your body and
emotions so that you do not hurt your children with
your hard, frozen pain.  Help your children feel their
body and express their emotions.

For Professionals: Become aware of your body so that
you can use the information in your body to know what
is going on with your clients. Your feeling ability is
the most powerful tool you have to know what they feel,
where they are stuck and what they need to get unstuck.


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