Parent Education: Let Your Emotions and Feelings Move

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A Vibrant Moment reader sent me a perfect example of
how parents affect their children.

Last week’s newsletter was on how your body knows and
picks up information.  It also explained how others
affect your body and how your body affects others.
You can read last week’s Vibrant Moment online if you
have not read it:

Now read the email I received from a single mother
with two young children. She was happy to share
her story with you.

“Dear Dr. Jeanette,

This particular Vibrant Moment resonated so deeply
with me that I wanted to share it with you.

A few months ago I fell in love with a man who had
fallen in love with me as well.  All would be great
and beautiful save the fact this man is married with
a beautiful family.  It has been tearing me apart.
Nothing has been secret, in fact she suspected our
connection before we had even fully realized it and
matters unfolded in a most complicated manner from

Anyway, since that time I have been having stomach
pains.  I just realized the other night how
consistent it has been and connected the duration to
this relationship and its complex nature.  Well in
the past few months my children have both been
complaining of stomach pains.

While at first, finding no apparent medical
significance (no diarrhea, constipation, etc.), I
thought perhaps they were just bids for more attention,
which I provided.  After reading your Vibrant Moment
it came to me that perhaps they are being empathetic.

Thank you for being who you are and sharing your
knowledge and wisdom.”

Here we have an example of two lovely, sensitive
children being empathetic with their mother.  Children
automatically resonate with their mother.  Empathy is
usually a wonderful experience because this means the
children enjoy a close and loving relationship with
their mother.

However, when a mother is trying to control her emotions
instead of feeling them, empathy can become a serious
problem.  Children do not know or understand what is
happening.  All they know is their stomachs hurt.

Their mother did not know or understand what was
happening until she connected the dots after reading
last week’s “Vibrant Moment.” Now the mother knows that
her children are feeling in their stomachs the emotional
pain that is stuck in her stomach.

Pay attention to your stomach and see what you are
experiencing.  Are you feeling your own stuck energy like
the Mother in this example?  Or are you feeling your
father’s?  Your partner’s? Your boss?

The solution is to feel your emotions and let them move.
When you feel your emotions, your emotional energy
naturally and normally moves through your body creating
more health.

For Parents:  Feel your emotions so that you do not hurt
your children.  Help your children feel their body and
express their emotions so they do not become sick,
anxious and depressed.

For Professionals: Become aware of your emotions so that
you know what you are feeling and do not get confused
between your pain and your client’s pain. Develop your
skill in reading and using physical and emotional energy
to help your clients become healthier.


audio shows you how to feel your emotions.  A comforting,
loving voice guides you into finding, healing and loving
your emotional self.  Your emotional self always knows
exactly how you feel, what you need and what you want.

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