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My mentor, Jack Schwarz, taught me about energy flow
back in the early 1980’s.  Sometimes I forget that you
may not know the reason energy flow is a highly
desirable goal.

My current mentor repeatedly says, “This sentence with
‘healthy energy’ in it does not tell me anything. I
do not understand what energy is and how it is related
to health. These connections are not obvious. What is
healthy? How do I know what is healthy?”

I scratch my head and wonder, “How could she not know
what is healthy? Isn’t healthy self-obvious?”  Finally
I realize, nothing is obvious until you learn about it.

So, let me see if I can make the connection between
health and energy flow clear for you.  You probably
know that stagnant water is unhealthy for you and that
you do not want to drink it.

You may have seen the American Western TV or movies
where the thirsty cowboys come across a pool of water
that is not safe to drink.  The music suddenly becomes
foreboding and scary.  You see cattle bones all around
the pool of water to indicate that the animals who
drank this water died.

Therefore, you learn that any pool of water that becomes
stagnant is dangerous to your health.  You learn that
when water stops moving, bacteria quickly begins to grow.
You discover that stagnant water will kill you if you
drink it and make you sick if you bathe in it.

We can apply this same principle to energy. Stagnant
energy is dangerous to your health in the same way that
stagnant water is dangerous to your health.

When your human energy stops moving, disharmony quickly
begins to grow. Stagnant human energy will kill you if
you hold on to it and make you sick if you hang out
in it.

Stagnant energy exists in your:
1.  Body
2.  Mind
3.  Energy field
4.  Numerous relationships with the outer world
5.  Groups
6.  Organizations

Energy that does not move makes you sick, unhappy and
ineffective. Stagnant energy in your cells over long
periods of time can kill you.

Stagnant energy creates:
1. Mental illness
2. Emotional immaturity
3. Physical disease
4. Mundane living
5. Ordinary existence

Therefore, stagnant human energy is unhealthy for you
in any form. The antidote to stagnant energy is
flowing energy. This means that flowing human energy
is healthy for you in any form.

Holistic health is defined by the amount of energy
moving in your mind-body at any given point in time.
The more energy flow, the healthier you are in body
and mind.

This means you need to allow your energy to flow more
freely if you want to be healthier and happier.

Please ask me any questions you have about this
principle so I can make it clear. Your questions will
help me be a better mentor and teacher.


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