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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Experience something new.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
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What do you want out of life before you die?

Over the 35 years that I have been leading groups and
workshops I always start by asking people what they
want to get out of the time we spend together.

When they share their desires with the group it helps
them set their intention in motion. This means they
begin to go where they want to go.

When they share their heartfelt energy with the group,
it also helps me as the leader.   When I discover what
they want and need, I immediately know what I need to
present in order for them to experience what they
desire by the end of the day.

Experience is the key word.

My goal as the leader is to provide an experience in
real life that gives you exactly what you want.  An
experience is an event, an energy, a knowing that you
do not forget.

When you experience something new, different and real,
you learn something new, different and real.

What kind of experiences are you giving to yourself?

If you do not experience something new, different and
real, you will stay stuck right where you are.  Wherever
you are, is where you will be.

So if you want to move toward your desires, you need to
give yourself a new, different experience today.

So back to my first question: What do you want out of
life before you die?

Answer this question by writing down exactly what your
heart longs for…

You will:
Discover something new you did not know you wanted.
Become aware of the importance of one desire over another.
Reaffirm the goals you already knew you had.
Take your goals more seriously.
Set in motion your intention to reach your desires.

Take your written list and read it out loud a few times.
Then post your precious list on your refrigerator and
read it every day. This action will definitely help you
move forward toward your heart’s desires.

If you do this exercise, there is a good chance you will
have a new, exciting experience.


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