What Color Are You? Use Sound and Color Therapy to Become Happy and Healthy


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Get to know your color.
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Do you notice how color affects you during the day?
Do you know which color you need?

Color is a powerful tool you can use in your daily
life to feel better emotionally. You can use color to
relax your nerves and help you get through a difficult
situation with more ease.

The proper use of color can improve your mental,
emotional and physical health.

Some of us know that the future psychology and medicine
will primarily use color, light, sound and energy to
heal people.

Color is a civilized, safe, effective method that you
can use today to prevent physical and mental problems
and improve the ones that already exist.

To get started you need to increase your color

For example, what is your dominant color? Do you know?
Is it your favorite color?  Maybe. Maybe not.

A simple way to get to know your dominant color is to
take a look at your wardrobe. What is the dominant
color in your washing machine? What is the dominant
color in your closet? What is the color that you wear
most often?

This is your color. Write down your color. Get to know
the information in your color by paying attention to its
vibrations. Learn what your color tells you about you.

My color was red for years upon years. I even had a red
door and red shutters on my Center City home in
Philadelphia. This was my identity.  I loved red,
needed red and wore red.

Next week I will tell you how my relationship to red has
changed over the last six months.

In the meantime, increase your awareness of color. Get
to know your color.


GET TO KNOW YOUR COLOR: The special report,
“Energize Your Mind-Body with Color and Sound” is an
affordable way to learn more about color and how you
can use it to become more vibrant. The color and sound
exercises help you discover your relationship to each
color.  PDF file, 40 pages, $19.97.

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Aloha, (Hawaiian for “Hello”.)

I am thinking of presenting a two-day workshop on the
Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona side at the Place of
Refuge, a National Park:

It would take place next February on one of these topics:

Topic A: Experience the Energy of Body, Earth, Emotions to
Heal Yourself
Topic B: Use the Energy of Body, Earth and Emotions in
Your Healing Practice
Topic C: You name what you want.

The workshop is tax deductible as professional development
for healers and for others it maybe a business expense.
Check with your accountant.

If this idea excites you and there’s a chance you might
actually attend, please tell me which topic you like and
anything else that would make the workshop do-able for you.
I am thinking of early February.

Mahalo!  (Hawaiian for “thank you”.)

If you have never been to the Big Island, it has an active
volcano with fire and surreal landscapes. This makes it the
newest land mass on the planet. It is also the home of the
newest group of humans. The Hilo side has the cleanest air
on the planet and the whole island some of the darkest skies.

Email me to discuss your interest in Hawaiian Workshop


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