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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Trust the truth.

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
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Who do you trust?
What energy do you trust?

A young man in Pakistan wrote me and told me his story.
He explained that he felt bad because he just broke up
with his girlfriend.  He confessed, “The relationship
ended because I never trusted her.”

He never did trust her. He always suspected her of
kissing and hugging other men. The end result was his
heart was broken. He does not know what to do.

Here is a portion of my answer to him, “At the age of
two is when you learn to either trust or distrust the
world you live in. If your parents are honest,
reliable, dependable and allow you freedom of
expression, you develop trust.

If your parents are dishonest with others, unreliable
in relationship to you, do not meet your physical needs,
ignore your emotional needs and inhibit your full body
expressions, you learn to distrust your world.

Given the degree of distrust that you have, I would
suspect that your parents are in this later category.”

This means this young man is stuck in the distrust that
he learned in his past.  At this moment in time, he does
not trust anyone enough to help him get out of his
vicious circle of unhealthy energy.

He is:
1. Projecting his distrustful past on his girlfriend.
2. Looking for evidence to prove that she cannot be
3. Creating evidence to confirm that she cannot be
trusted. This could be imagined or created as a result
of his distrusting behavior toward her.
4. Concluding that he was right, she could not be trusted.

Thus, he is stuck in his own projections from his past.

If you are trapped in a vicious circle, you need to find
some energy in a person or in reality that you can trust.
The energy of truth is different from the energy of

If you can find someone or something to trust, the energy
of truth will show you the way out of your helplessness.


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