Relationship Advice: Mend Your Broken Heart, Heal Heartache

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Do you have a heartache? A broken heart?
Do you feel alone even in your loving relationship?

When the trust in a relationship is broken, it creates
deep emotional wounds. Trust is broken when people
blame, attack, criticize and seriously hurt each other.

If you do not heal your deep emotional wounds, you will
not have satisfying intimacy in your current
relationship. If you break up or get a divorce, you
will still continue to repeat the same hurtful
emotional patterns in new relationships.

The best relationship advice I can give you is to heal
your heartache and mend your broken heart.

This means you need to put your major focus on healing
your original wound. The original wound was when the
trust between you and your parents was first broken.

Your trust was broken when one or both of your parents
blamed, attacked, criticized or seriously hurt your
precious feelings.  The parent you love the most could
be the one who hurt you the most.

My mother loved me completely. I loved my mother
completely.  We were emotionally attached and very close.
My trust in her was complete.  Yet, she was the one who
once hurt my feelings so badly that I never forgave her.

I was devastated and vowed to never, ever again share my
feelings with anyone.  This was the moment my heart closed.
I was six.

Later in life, at the age of 34,  I suffered a broken heart
when my beloved betrayed me. This was the turning point
in my life.

Instead of avoiding my emotional pain, I chose to feel my
hurt and pain. The pain in my heart led me to my original
emotional wound at six with my mother.

As a result, I was able to heal my heartache and open my
heart.  I learned how to build trust in relationships by
learning how to trust myself. I developed a trusting, loving
relationship with my emotional self.

You can do the same. You can choose to feel rather than avoid
your hurt and pain. This is the best relationship advice you
can follow if you want to reach inner peace and happiness.

You will become weaker if you continue to avoid your pain. You
will become stronger if you find your original wound so you
can heal it.

The healing process is the same if you are in a loving
relationship, breaking up with your partner or getting a

Mending a broken heart is the work of the Divine.


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