Sexual Health for Women and Men: Listen to Your Heart and Body

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Listen Deeply.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor


Do you know what you need and want?

So many people tell me that they do not know what they want and need. They just don’t know or they are not sure and secure in their knowing. Knowing exactly what you want and need is the first step in getting what you want and need. Otherwise, you do not have a chance!

In order to know what you want and need, you must listen to the correct answer. Listening to your ego and brain does not “grow corn.” Your ego leads you to more control, anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. On the other hand, listening to your heart and body grows sweet, delicious corn. You are happy and satisfied when you follow your heart. Spring is the time to plant the correct seeds so you have a good harvest in the fall.

This means you must learn how to bypass your brain and listen to your heart, emotional self, and body. A simple question like, “What do I really want to eat for dinner?” can make the difference between being grumpy and feeling happy. Getting the correct answer can make the difference between successful, permanent weight-loss and failure.

If you already know what you need and want, make a list now before reading any further. Your list can range from food for dinner, to your dream vacation, a new job, or healthy relationships. After you write down your desires and needs, examine each one to make sure the source is from your heart.

When you listen to your heart and body you have the potential to experience pleasure and health. Your body wants to be healthy and your emotional self wants to be happy. They rejoice and respond when you give them what they need and want. Weight-loss and success become easier and more fun.

How do you get the correct heart-felt answer?

1. You stop thinking.
2. Take three deep breaths.
3. Ask your question.
4. Listen.
3. Honor the answer.

If you listen deeply and allow the answer to come to you instead of deducting it, it is from your heart. For example, ask your body what it wants to eat. Listen and receive the answer. The answer may come in words, sensations, and colors.

Ask your emotional self, the little girl or little boy inside of you, what would taste yummy. The answer may come in feelings, knowings, words, or images. Be quiet, receive, and honor the answer or answers.

If you do not hear and receive answers, this means your critical, judgmental self is stopping you from connecting with your emotional self. Also, notice what you do if you receive an answer and do not honor it. Could it be that your judgmental self is telling you the answer is not good for you, is incorrect or not healthy?

Listening to yourself and others grows delicious sweet corn. You relate more effectively with others and they enjoy your company. You relate better with yourself so your emotional self and body are happy and healthy instead of resisting you and foiling your plans.

You get exactly what you want and need when you listen to the correct answer and then take the appropriate actions to give yourself what you want and need. Plant the seeds that grow corn now, nourish your garden during the summer, and enjoy a good harvest by September.

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