How to Get Self-Esteem? Become Self-Confident in Your Body

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Vulnerable.

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How often do you feel vulnerable?
How do you know you have been vulnerable?

Years ago at a dance class with Ellen Foreman, a famous dancer and teacher in Philadelphia, I saw the physical truth of a statement my therapist had shared with me, that she learned from her therapist.

“Your strength is in your vulnerability.”

Let the truth of these words ring around your head and heart for a while until you get it. You need to know the truth of strength, and where its energy comes from, literally. This means you must pay attention to how it feels in your own body.

Ellen’s dance class was composed of ten women and one man. This night, at the Walnut Street Theater, where our weekly class met, the one man in the group shared that he wanted to achieve more self-confidence. We were standing up in a large circle and he was across the large room from me.

Ellen told us we could not speak or make a sound. We were to pay attention to the sensitive man who wanted more self-esteem. Ellen instructed the rest of us to be there to help him get what he wanted in anyway we could. Notice that he was already vulnerable, simply by asking for what he wanted and needed.

He started out trying to act self-confident with his body language and posture. The results were so inauthentic; it quickly became obvious that is not the way to self-esteem. Next, the rest of us tried to give him, each in our turn, with our body movements and energy, what we know to be self-confident feelings and actions. Nothing was working.

I gave him love, tenderness, and caring because I had nothing else to give. Somehow, and I cannot remember how, he was down on the floor, on his knees. He started to go around, on his knees, to each of us, pleading for what he did not have. The whole group ached with him because we all felt the same way- helpless and worthless.

Suddenly, the group became motionless as we held him in our safe place. He was naked before our eyes and we were patient as we felt his pain, which was ours. Time stood still. We were close to each other. Slowly, with awareness, he stood up and was self-confident. It seemed at the time, like a miracle.

As I learned more and more, about natural process and energy, it was not a miracle. It was the natural process of transformation. A man received what he wanted by being receptive and authentic. Being real, in your body, is the only way to become self-confident. There is no other way to reach genuine self-esteem.

Being vulnerable is the way to emotional health and wellness. There is no other way to be close to other people. You know you have been vulnerable when you get what you want and feel close to others. The more vulnerable you are, the stronger you become.

Your strength is in your vulnerability. Be vulnerable.


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