How to Stop Your Bully Brain From Ruining Your LIfe

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Question Your Thoughts.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Getting what you need and want depends on learning how to bypass your brain so you at least know the desires that live in your heart and soul. This means you must question your thoughts.

Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning there are no thoughts in my awareness at all. This is when I am in a vibrant moment, waking up relaxed, rested, and happy. Those are the mornings to cherish.

I am part of the sun light bouncing all around my large, bright room pleasing every cell in my body. Or, I feel the sound of the raining falling endlessly as it hits my wall of glass panes and slowly wriggles it’s way down to the deck. The bright green tree outside looms large above my house and hugs me with her branches no matter what the weather.

Nothing could be more true than what Socrates said. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” A century of learning research by psychologists shows us the reason Socrates’ wisdom is accurate. Any brain that does not question it’s own thoughts, is a brain that has been washed!

Yelp, you have been brainwashed. Far more than you realize until you get in therapy, work with a coach, hire a mentor, and spend your days in self-examination. You are a bundle of conditioned responses and reactions, until you deliberately and consciously, begin to unlearn these controlling knee-jerk reactions.

How often during the day do you question the thoughts in your head? To enjoy vibrant moments and good mental health, you must question your thoughts on a regular basis; especially the first thing in the morning before your bully brain makes you jump out of bed to “do” something.

Notice how often you think what you think is real, correct, and right. These are your defensive states. You think you are this and that and the other! And of course, you are this and that and the other. I do not agree with Positive Psychology psychologists who think positive thoughts are superior to negative thoughts. Positive thoughts can be as controlling and self-destructive as negative thoughts. Positive thoughts control you and keep you in denial, thinking you are just so-so!

Notice how often you react and respond to conditioned responses you learned as a child. If you are like most humans, your behavior is controlled much more than you think by false beliefs and controlling thoughts. Your positive and negative beliefs keep you from getting what you need and want.

Begin in the morning by taking a look at what thoughts are occurring in your brain as soon as you become conscious. Continue throughout the day, examining exactly what you are thinking at many moments along the way. Anytime you do not feel good is a great time to sit down and write down exactly what you are thinking. Yuck.

When you do not feel good, I am sure you will find nasty, judgmental, self-righteous thoughts somewhere in your unconscious. Tame your thoughts to enjoy more vibrant moments.

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