Want Better Physical and Mental Health? Get Up and Move!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Move.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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I leave the tissue box across the room, away from all the places to sit. My sensitive nose responses to various stimuli that others do not seem to be bothered by. Often, out of the blue, a tissue is needed due to my rapid firing nerves cells producing a sneezing attack.

So, why would I purposefully leave the tissue box across the room? Since I have to get up in order to get a tissue to blow my nose, deliberately placing them far away from me, helps me get up and move more often. It is so easy to stay at the computer writing for way too long.

Moving is essential for holistic health.

Of all the research studies on physical health and depression, the one outstanding factor that is repeatedly proven to improve physical and mental health is physical movement. Many people think of exercise when they think of physical movement. However, exercising is not always helpful.

For example, if you exercise with anxiety, you are not doing yourself any favors. Anxious exercising is the reason many people who engage in routine exercise programs do not end up with excellent holistic health. In order for your body to benefit, your exercise must be conducted in a relaxed and natural manner. Reduce your anxiety to get better results with any exercise program.

Exercise must be harmonious with your body and personality to be effective. It is the movement of your body that is important, not the exercise. How you move indicates whether you are relaxed or anxious. If you want to get the best health results, let your relaxed body lead the way with authentic movements that naturally make it stronger and healthier.

A natural event like getting up from the computer to get a needed tissue helps me move more often during my day. Think of ways you can help yourself move more often during the day. Do not make everything easy and comfortable. Get up and move. When you move, enjoy moving.

The goal is to move, while breathing and feeling your body, so you enjoy the movement. This is the physical feeling that produces more vibrant moments. Being alive in your body is a delicious feeling that is very, very healthy for you. Move.

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