Physical and Mental Health Advice: Move for Joy

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Ani on her new tricycle, Ruby.


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Move for the Joy of it.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Thank you readers for responding to last week’s newsletter with so many personal stories.  When I reminded you to get up and move for better physical and mental health, you resonated. For those who did not read The Vibrant Moment last week here it is:

Some of you gave me permission to share your personal stories with others.  So here are a few examples from fellow readers who might inspire you to move even more this week than you did last week.

From a Cat Lover: “Thanks. I am frequently criticized for the number of pets I have (not a hoarding situation), but they get me up in the morning and walking them, cleaning up after them,…keeps me moving. Otherwise, I would be parked in front of the TV.”

From Austin, Texas: “My son bought me a trike for Christmas.  He was very excited that he’d really found a great present and YES it is.  I could name the many ways…but what Doris writes about in her newsletter is another way of describing what I feel…it is movement, not just exercise, seeing more of my neighborhood and by chance other folks.  People love my trike: named Ruby. I get asked about it all the time.  Just tonight again at a community deal at a nearby bar.  Drinks on the Frost Band.  I love my Ruby Rides…in my body is the joy of those times on a trike as a girl who wanted to express and get away from the conventions and conditioning of the early1940’s. And what a ride live is.”

From Afar: “Dear Dr. Doris Jeanette~ Hello. It has been about four years since the atrial fibrillation diagnosis.  About a year ago was when the back pack + the morning walk around the block began.  It allowed opportunity to meditate while up moving and to give thanks that I am not homeless and having to use that back pack for a pillow in all types of weather. Gratitude!  A recent sonogram revealed the heart problem has improved so that it went from 30% to 50%.”

From NYC: YES..absolutely true!!!  I discovered this during a vacation where I was doing a lot of exercise and I had an epiphany, which was exactly what you stated below.  It was during  a Qi Gong session that I realized I could get the same or better results with this than the `exercise classes.’ The anxiety produced by those classes works ironically against the body creating more stress and thereby having a worse effect.  There should be a flow where everything works together harmoniously not in opposition of each other, especially if you don’t like exercising and are forcing yourself to do it. One doesn’t needed to even do a lot of it.  Just 10 minutes of Tai Chi or Qi Gong is sufficient.  Thanks!”

What About You?

Did you move more this week? If not, notice the reasons, excuses and resistances. Best to overcome your psychological blocks to movement before your health declines and depression settles into being your new normal.

Move for the JOY of it!


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