Heart Health Advice: Use Holistic Health Approach and Reduce Anxiety

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Do you notice your physical heart during the day?
Do you know what an open heart chakra feels like?

The health of your heart, out of all your organs, is the one most closely related to your emotional health. Since my mother was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation in the winter I have been paying much more attention to the physical heart and how it malfunctions.

Most physicians miss the bigger picture of what is going on in your body, and therefore, with your health. When one part of your body is having trouble the holistic point of view looks at your whole body, not just the troubled spot. The holistic approach makes sure you have the opportunity to prevent disease before physical damage is done. It also gets to the source of the physical problem for a more effective whole-body treatment once the damage is done.

For example, numerous research studies reveal that people who have been diagnosed with anxiety are two to three times more likely to die from a heart attack. This is a diagnosed, labeled anxiety disorder by a psychiatrist. These statistics do not include the low-grade anxiety all of us have. Every human has some degree of always-there anxiety in their body that comes from childhood conditioning which flares up under stress.

Anxiety is one of the major factors that cause heart disease and it could be the source of arial fibrillation. Your nervous system sends signals to your heart so it beats with the proper rhythm. This occurs automatically via the automatic nervous system so you do not need to think about making your heart beat correctly.

When you are anxious your nervous system becomes very upset. As a result, this static energy, which is called anxiety, sends erratic signals to your heart, instead of harmonious signals. Your heart can become so upset it cannot pump blood fully to all the proper places. This malfunction can occur for a moment in time or become chronic.

Anxiety does not kill you directly, it does so indirectly. Another example is acid reflux, which is not serious in and of itself. However, over time acid reflux can seriously damage your heart and scar your esophagus. When you are anxious, the acid build up in your stomach pushes the acid rapidly up your tense tube. Each time the acid flies up into your mouth, it pushes against your heart. Over time, the chronic bangs to your heart can result in a heart attack.

Even though the scientific research on anxiety has been well established physicians do not pay attention to the emotional health of their patients. They do not refer you to a holistic psychologist to help you reduce your anxiety naturally. Neither do they explain to you about how one part of your body is affected by the other. They treat the heart directly with medication and surgery, ignoring the dramatic reality that is taking place in your whole mind-body.

However, you can discover what upsets you by paying attention to your body during the day. You can begin to notice how much anxiety interferes with how your heart beats and keeps you alive. Anxiety affects your whole body, not just your heart, so pay attention to your stomach, colon, and other organs.

Anxiety can be just a little nervousness or a full-blown panic attack. Anxiety can be chronic, completely paralyzing, or occasional flare-ups under stress. Anxiety is any time you are thinking, not breathing correctly and your body is tight or not in your awareness. You could be one of the lucky ones because you are aware of your anxiety. Or you could be completely unconscious of your anxiety even though the people who sit beside you see your leg jumping up and down, notice your clinched jaw, and hear your high-pitched voice.

Next week, I will address your heart health by paying attention to your heart chakra. You will learn how an open heart improves your physical, mental, and emotional health. In the meantime, become more aware of your anxiety. Notice how anxiety is different from fear so you can successfully reduce the unhealthy static energy in your nervous system.

My mother is an older woman at the end of her long life. I am very sad as I deal with her declining health. Making her comfortable, keeping her safe, and loving her are my major concerns. However, everyday, I remind her to relax, take a deep breath, and breathe fully into that “Ticker” as she calls it, so more oxygen and love can comfort her heart.

Please, relax, take a deep breath and breathe fully into your heart. Take the time to feel your heart everyday and love your ticker by reducing your anxiety.


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