Holistic Heart Health Treatment: Open Your Heart by Healing Emotional Distress

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How does an open heart chakra feel?

A closed heart, does not feel. It blocks all emotions and feelings. Read last week’s The Vibrant Moment about how anxiety affects your nervous system and heart physically: https://thevibrantmoment.com/?p=1253 This week we are looking at how a closed heart chakra affects the health of your heart.

A chakra is a place on your body where more energy goes and comes than in other places on your body. Think of a chakra as a pathway, a door, vortex, or hole. It is an energy center; where energy is suppose to move in and out of your body naturally and normally to maintain good holistic health.

A closed heart is one that inhibits the natural flow and blocks the energy from coming in or from going out of your body. An open heart allows energy to freely move in and out without being stopped. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the energy that comes in and out.

This means that whatever type of energy that is occurring outside of you at any moment in time comes in. Thus, the anxiety your parents experienced came into your open heart as a child, without either you or them knowing this was occurring. As a child, you were not equipped with the psychological tools needed to deal with your parents’ anxiety.

Anxiety is unpleasant, naturally you wanted to move away from it. Consequently, as a child, you closed your energy centers whenever someone’s anxiety hurt and wounded you. This occurred automatically over time. You were unconsciously opening and closing your energy centers because you were trying to protect yourself from being hurt.

The stimuli that made you close your heart could be your mother hurting your feelings or your father throwing you against the wall. Little and big, emotional and physical hurts, all create the same result: a closed heart chakra. Usually, the more you were hurt, the more you close your energy centers and the harder it is to open them.

I group the solar plexus, which is right underneath your breasts, with the heart chakra. These two energy centers work together to help you become a more loving, caring, sensitive, emotionally healthy person. If you want to be happy and healthy, you must re-open your energy centers so healthy energy can move in and out of you.

This is because closed energy centers create stagnate energy. Stagnant energy is the source of disease and disharmony. When energy is blocked, you become a cesspool of nasty, unhealthy energy. This stagnant energy is what fundamentally makes you mentally and physically sick.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you must return to a more open, healthy flow of energy so your cells get the vital energy they need to be strong and vibrant. This is the reason opening your solar plexus and heart can dramatically, and quickly, improve your mental and physical health.

Let’s look at the scientific research on the Broken Heart Syndrome. Even though most physicians who treat the heart do not pay attention to the emotional health of their patients, you can educate yourself about heart research. Researchers have directly observed the fact that emotional distress immediately leads to physical damage to the heart.

Emotional distress occurs when you inhibit your authentic emotions. Therefore, the solution is to become emotionally healthy so you do not damage your physical heart. Since emotional distress leads directly to physical damage to the heart, your emotional wounds must be healed, just as physical wounds must be healed.

If you want to be healthy in mind and body, heal your current and past emotional wounds so you do not experience emotional distress. Healing your emotional wounds is what automatically opens your solar plexus and heart chakras.

To Open Your Heart:
1. Feel your authentic emotions and feelings.
2. Learn to love yourself.
3. Learn to love others.

When you feel your authentic emotions, vital energy is released, which automatically nourishes the cells in your body. When you learn to love yourself, instead of reject yourself, this opens your solar plexus. When you learn to love others, instead of reject others, your heart opens.

An open heart and solar plexus allows healthy, harmonious energy into your heart and breasts. This flow of vital energy creates holistic health and wellness.

Open your heart so it can be the True Master that it is!


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