Emotional Health Advice: Learn the Difference Between Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

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I received an interesting question this week from an international seeker of truth. By that I mean, someone who is interested in exploring inner and outer realities by developing his human potential. Even though he has listened to many popular teachers’ audios and read their books, he did not discover the difference between thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

This is an important question because so many teachers, authors, and researchers do not know the difference. They do not understand how conditioned responses and mental judgments create emotional distress. Therefore, they lump thoughts, feelings, and emotions all together with conditioned responses and confuse their data and information.

Emotional distress is not the same experience as emotional health.

To understand emotional health, you must experience your own emotions and allow these colorful energies to take you to a new and different place. It is like traveling to a place you have never been before. You open up to new experiences so you discover how your vital, emotional energy naturally leads to holistic health and wellness.

To become emotionally healthy, you must recognize, thoughts from feelings, and emotions from conditioned responses. Knowing these different states is necessary because you need to act differently when you experience them in order to achieve better results. Emotional health knowledge plus positive actions moves you successfully through the maze of confusion into clarity.

Theory, words, and books do not transform emotional distress into healthy energy. The only way to transform unhealthy energy into healthy energy is by directly experiencing these different states within yourself and behaving differently when they occur.

This is the reason my private sessions, workshops, and home study courses show you how to directly experience your own energy. When you feel the different energies in your own body, you know when you are experiencing a thought, feeling, emotion, or conditioned response. They feel very different from each other.


A thought originates in your brain and/or mind. Your brain and mind are not the same instrument. Your brain is the organ in your body. Your mind is the bigger, governing mental master behind your thoughts, and thus, your identity.

Thoughts can be composed of low vibrations or high vibrations. Thoughts can be rational or irrational. Irrational thoughts create the symptoms of all mental illnesses from anxiety, to depression, to bi-polar, to psychosis.

Energy follows thoughts so you create your reality with your thoughts. This means your reality could be based on false beliefs, misinformation, or on outside facts and valid information. This is the reason you need to engage in personal growth, with outside feedback, so you unlearn your false beliefs and replace them with reality-based facts.


Feelings occur in your heart, guts, whole body, and energy field via vibrations. Feelings are sensations that you experience which give you feedback about inner and outer realities. Your body feels what is happening all the time. All you have to do is pay attention to your feelings. Your feelings are an effective way to know the truth and experience the truth.

You can feel cold and hot, love and fear, nonverbal communication and danger. You can feel gross energy and subtle energy. Thus, you have the ability to feel thoughts, emotions, and conditioned responses. Knowing what you feel and acting appropriately on your feelings leads to self protection and survival.

When you trust your feelings, you know what is going on inside of you and outside of you. When you act on your feelings you have a better chance of being safe and sane. This is the reason a Highly Sensitive Person has many advantages over someone who is highly insensitive. If you are a HSP, you pick up and perceive data that is in your environment before others do.

Unfortunately, most people do not trust their feelings. If you want to live a happy, healthy, effective life, a good investment is an education in learning how to feel, trust, and act appropriately on your feelings.


Emotions originate in your heart and solar plexus. Energetically, they hang out in your emotional body about a foot and a half away from your body. Emotions are energy in motion. They are colorful, quick, flowing, and expressive. Emotions cannot be negative, positive, or toxic. They simple are … they exist, change, and rearrange continuously.

If you do not inhibit your emotions, they change instantly from one colorful emotion into another colorful emotion. Even anger is experienced quickly and changes into something else if you do not stop yourself from feeling anger when it first comes up. Or stop your child from feeling her anger with it first occurs.

Unfortunately, the entire human race has been conditioned into repressing, denying, and inhibiting their emotions. This self hate of our emotions has been taking place over the last two millennium. Consequently, it is rare for anyone to be emotionally healthy. You have been brainwashed into thinking your emotions are dangerous and out of control, when they are not.

As a holistic psychologist, with over 36 years of clinical experience, I am convinced that the major cause of premature mental and physical disease is inhibited emotions. Therefore, the best use of your time, energy, and money is to seek out teachers who show you how to feel your emotions. Allowing your vital energy to flow creates a healthy mind-body and gives you lots of fun, vibrant moments to boot!

Conditioned Responses

A conditioned response is something you learned. It is not an authentic part of you. Emotions are not learned, they are a naturally occurring part of you, like your automatic nervous system. Do not confuse a conditioned response with an authentic emotion.

What you learned could be helpful or unhelpful.

Knee jerk responses are often unhelpful. They occur when you are conditioned to react defensively to a certain stimulus. For example, someone gives you feedback and you hear it as criticism based on your past learning experience with your critical mother or father. The feedback is object and factual, you hear the message as negative, terrible, and against you.

This is because you learned to response to all feedback as if it was criticism of you. When you hear feedback as criticism, you react in inappropriate ways to your boss and lose your job. Or block out the love your partner is sending when she is helping you develop a more realistic view of yourself.

Defensive reactions are often called “an emotional reaction.” Nevertheless, when you are defensive you are not allowing your emotions to change and rearrange. Your body is tight, tense, and rigid. Your energy is dark, dense, black, and grey. You are unpleasant to be around.

When you react with a conditioned response you are avoiding your authentic emotions, instead of feeling your emotions. As a matter of fact, if you felt your emotions you would not be defensive and unpleasant. You would be open and approachable.

An emotionally healthy person is a joy to be around.

You express yourself, love yourself, and others. Move toward more healthy emotional expression every single day and make planet Earth a safe, joyful place to live.


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