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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Expand your world.
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While snorkeling in Hawaii, out in a big, ocean tide pool, I encountered a giant 150-year-old green sea turtle.  As soon as her large, old, wrinkled neck and huge bobbing head came into clear focus, I grabbed my heart, stopped breathing and gasped.  She was bigger than me.

Hanging still in the water which was connecting us, I paused in wonder and awe.  This ancient sea turtle was resting her head on a large rock and resting her huge body upon the bottom of the sea.  I did not move for a very long time. Being so physically intimate with this powerful creature transformed me.  I will never be the same.

How big is your world?
How much bigger could your universe become?

Some people stay in the little safe pond they were born in and never have the courage to swim a little harder and further in order to reach a bigger pond.

Just think, if you worked hard enough you could reach the bigger pond and maybe even adventure out into the open ocean.  If you did, you would have many great adventures like a close encounter with an ancient sea turtle.

Of course, it takes a certain amount of time, energy and effort to become strong enough to swim a current that might be pushing you back to the smaller pond.  However, if you put your mind to becoming stronger and braver you will succeed.

What are the reasons you give yourself for staying in the little pond?

In reality, you are not any safer when you stay in the little pond close to home.  Most accidents happen in the home and within 5 miles of the home. 77% of car accidents happen within five miles of home.  You could say it is more dangerous to stay in the little pond than it is to travel out into the wondrous world around you.

What more important things do you have to do with your time than experience new exciting adventures?

Get the help you need to face your real fears and overcome your irrational anxiety so you have more pleasurable, exciting adventures in 2013.


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