Peak Performance Tip: Use Relaxation Therapy to Relax into Your Personal Growth Flow


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Relax your body.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Relaxation is the optimum state of the organism.

Dr. Joe Wolpe, the father of Behavior Therapy, first introduced me to this physical reality back in 1975.  The physical evidence to support this basic psychological principle is quite clear and cannot be denied by the human brain. This is one of the reasons I base my original, holistic psychology approach on body awareness and physics.

For example, consider the amazing statistic that people who are drunk miraculously survive car accidents at a much higher degree than those in the same car who are not drunk. The anti-anxiety drug qualities of alcohol explains the reason drunk people get hurt less in car accidents than those who have a tight, tense and anxious body.

Out of all the drugs available on the legal and illegal markets, alcohol is by and far the very best and safest anti-anxiety drug available to humankind.  Alcohol relaxes the physical body and helps reduce your anxiety for the period of time that alcohol is in your system without the serious side effects of psychiatric medications.

While wine and beer are excellent at shutting up your inner critic so your body can relax, it is not wise to use any medication or drug as relaxation therapy.  Instead, you need to learn how to relax your body with your own awareness if you want to reach the optimal state of relaxation.

Relaxation is not a drugged state.  When you are drugged, you are physically slower, mentally muddled and out of touch with your surroundings. You mess up your performance, you do not improve it.  You may survive car accidents because your body is relaxed but if you are the driver you could also be the reason the car is out of control in the first place.

So forget drugs or medications of any sort and choose relaxation therapy.  With successful relaxation therapy you can learn how to relax your body so you perform at your peak.  When you are relaxed, your body is able to handle a much higher degree of stress, trauma, fear and anxiety without damage.

In addition, in the relaxed state, your body will operate at its maximum without thinking.  Look at the performance of basketball players. Once they start thinking, they cannot even sink their free throws. This is because getting in their head ruins their physical performance.  On the other hand, when basketball players are relaxed, they get in the flow and nothing can stop their balls from dropping into the basket.

Peak performance will also happen to you when you relax and get in your flow.  You may want to improve your performance at lovemaking, cooking, swimming, administrating or making money.  In all cases, the more you relax, the better your performance will be.

Put relaxation therapy at the top of your to do list if you want to be successful, feel better and manifest your dreams.


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