Celebrate International Women’s Day by Claiming Your Feminine Energy and Using Your Power


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Receive energy.
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International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8.

International Women’s Day is a helpful reminder to all of us that we need to love our feminine energy.  Currently, female energy is not loved, praised or valued on planet Earth.  Instead, women are paid less, treated as sex objects and often called crazy.

As a holistic psychologist, I relate to each person as a whole full-boded human energy system.  This means that no matter your gender, you have a combination of both male and female energy.  In the physical world, there is no yin without yang. Both are required to create a whole person.

For example, notice how the electricity in your house works. You would not have any juice to use for your computer if there were only male or female energy flowing in your wires.  There would be no spark, no charge, nothing would happen.

You must have both male and female currents working together in total cooperation to create the power you need for everyday living.  A male plug must connect in perfect harmony with a female plug.

Apply this to yourself.  You need both your female and male energy working together peacefully if you want to be healthy, happy and effective.

Therefore, you need to love your feminine nature as much as you love your masculine nature.  What are the qualities of feminine energy?

Feminine energy is:


For starters, take the first quality of being more receptive.  See if you can directly sense and feel the power of your feminine energy.  People who are highly successful are very magnetic.  A magnet receives energy.

Take a few minutes and see how much positive energy you can receive.  Think of some recent praise, love or good fortune. Imagine this positive energy coming toward you.

Pay close attention to what you think or say to yourself.  Notice if you discount the compliment or achievement in anyway.  If so, your mental judgment will block and stop your receptivity.

See if you can feel and directly experience the physical power of being womanly for International Women’s Day.  Please post your comments below.


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