The Best Valentine’s Day Gift? “Love Yourself,” Says Holistic Psychologist

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Your feet loved to be touched and massaged so go ahead and do self massage.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Love yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How much do you love yourself?

How many times a day do you find fault with yourself, your body and your heartfelt emotions?

How many times a day do you accept yourself, your body and your heartfelt emotions?

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to think about love in all its glorious forms.  Valentine’s Day is a lovely gift from the Catholic Church which has not always been kind to the body and the heart.

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it gives you an opportunity to be more loving.  The person who needs love the most is you. You need to include yourself on the list of people that you remember and reach out to on Valentine’s Day.

Self-love is forbidden. You are not suppose to love yourself, your body and your emotions. No, you have been trained, conditioned and brainwashed into rejecting, ignoring and hating yourself.

If you are in denial of how much you reject yourself, look into your body, heart and unconscious for the factual data.  Your unconscious will tell you the truth if you listen.  Sadly, all of humanity suffers from massive self-rejection.

The same Catholic Church which gave you St. Valentine also taught you to never touch yourself or give yourself pleasure.  Heaven forbid if you touch yourself for sexual pleasure. You have to confess to committing a terrible sin.  It is even unlawful for the holy Catholic priests to have a healthy, loving, sexual relationship with another human being.

Whether you are a practicing Catholic or not, you have been taught similar judgments about your basic physical and emotional needs.   You have been taught to fix, deny, control and hide your real self. These teachings are not healthy.

Self-rejection is not good for your mental, emotional  or physical health.  Therefore, I suggest you say goodbye to any learnings you have been taught that involve self-rejection.

Instead, learn to accept your real self and protect your body and heart from the fault-finding part of you.

For example, give yourself a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift by loving your body and sexuality in some concrete pleasurable way.  Whether your gift is a warm, relaxing bath or a full body orgasm, take the time to savor the self-loving energy.

Also, celebrate Valentine’s Day by honoring the most precious part of you.  Honor your heart which houses your colorful emotions.  Stop all activity. Place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and let go.

As you exhale, send love to your physical heart and emotional self. Let yourself experience your precious emotional energy without making it wrong.  You will discover deep truths and inner knowings.


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