Self Improvement, Parenting Tip: Find Your Natural Walk

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Yesterday while I was looking out the window of my second
floor Center City home in Philadelphia, I saw a young adult
male walking down the street in his normal quick stride.
Unfortunately, he was holding the hand of a little boy.

The little boy was over two feet behind his father who was
looking straight ahead. The adult male was not alternating
or adjusting his speed for his companion.  As a result, the
little boy was being dragged down the street.

When I see little children being pulled or pushed like this
I wonder, could this be the beginning of their anxiety?
What is that little boy learning as he is being dragged down
the street?

Take a moment to notice your walk, your pace, your speed
through life.

Did you learn to walk faster than your normal pace?
Did you learn to speed up to keep up?

Or did you learn to honor your own pace, your own speed,
your own way of being in the world?

Parents:  Pay attention to what you are teaching your child
as you walk down the street.  Notice how often you push or
pull your daughter to fit your pace instead of allowing her
to have her own pace.

Psychologists and Other Healers: Notice what you are teaching
your clients.  Do you rush from one person to the other? Do
you move too fast, too quick? Do you adjust or alter your
pace to fit your client?  Are you listening to your inner
child AND your client’s inner child?


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