Holiday Advice: Relax, Enjoy Giving Meaningful, Creative Gifts

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Having to buy Christmas gifts, Hannukah gifts and Kwanzaa
gifts could add a lot of extra anxiety to your life.  This
would be if your gift giving is a “should.”

You know the phrases in your head…. You” should” do this
and “should” do that.  “Shoulds” and “should nots” make you
very nervous and put tons of pressure on you to do something
fast, quick and right now!

Obligatory gift giving is based on guilt, judgment and
resentment. These psychological qualities create energy that
is not physically or mentally healthy for you.  Therefore,
you do not want to stay stuck in the energy of guilt,
judgment or resentment for very long.

Gifts do not have to be “shoulds” and they do not have to
cost a lot of money. For example, if you make your gift, it
does not have to cost you anything. If you give a meaningful
gift it does not have to cost you more than you need to spend.

If you are being controlled by “shoulds”, shift gears.

Move out of your brain down into your heart.  Feel the love
you have for the person you want to give something to. Then
let your creativity come into play.

Be creative instead of anxious.

Let new ideas come into your awareness.
Relax and allow new information to come your way.
Make a fun Christmas gift for a loved one.
Give a gift that is meaningful and helpful.

Parents:  Set a good model for your children. Enjoy the gift
giving that you do and do not spend more money than you can
afford to spend on anyone, even your children.

Psychologists and Other Healers: Help yourself and your
clients access the real feelings of love for this season.
Teach your clients how to stop letting “shoulds” and “should
nots” control them. Teach them how to transform their
anxious, nervous and scrooge-like energy into love.


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