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Two weeks before Thanksgiving, an older client of mine was
upset because her son and son-in-law had a long history of
fighting and ruining every holiday dinner.

The situation had reached a standoff so that the two of them
would not attend the same event.  My client did not know what
to do.

For years, I had been supporting her in maintaining healthy,
loving relationships with both of them.  During our session,
she had the brilliant idea of bringing in her son for a
consultation to see if we could get him to feel more
emotionally secure and self confident.

Sure enough, helping her son feel more love was enough to
bring about dramatic changes in the whole family dynamic
during Thanksgiving Day.  Unbelievably, everything went
well, no blow-ups, verbal attacks or dramatic departures.

The reason this holiday ended so well was because the son
was relaxed enough to defuse the unpleasant emotional energy
dynamics that were being set off between him and his sister’s
husband.  His increased self-confidence stopped both of them
from being triggered into defensive reactions.

You can also get ready psychologically for your holiday
family encounters.

Don’t walk into family situations without getting ready. You
can take appropriate actions now to prepare yourself for
being around the people who gave you your tender buttons!

You can become more emotionally secure and self-confident.
Self-love will help you relax and enjoy yourself during the
holiday family gatherings.


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