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Money, Money, Money

Do you think you have enough money?
Or are you scared to lose the money you have?

There are two major ways of thinking about money. You
can engage in poverty thinking or prosperity thinking.

Poverty thinking is when you never have enough money.
You may have millions yet you are anxious of losing your
money. You cannot relax and enjoy your money. You are
always poor. You have anxious thoughts.

Prosperity thinking is when you have enough money.  No
matter how much money you have, you always have enough
money.  You know you can get more money from whence you
got money before.  So you relax and enjoy life when you
have hundreds and when you have millions. You are always
rich because you trust your relationship with money.

Which type of person are you? A poverty thinker or a
prosperity thinker?

If you want to relax and enjoy life, you need to develop
more and more prosperity thinking.  Otherwise, you will
be an anxious millionaire and miss all the fun.

Money is energy. No more and no less. Money manifestation
is like manifesting your dreams. If you want to know how
to get rich, take these four steps.

You need to:
1. Use more of your human potential.
2. Clear the path so money can arrive. (This means
removing your psychological blocks to being rich
and satisfied.)
3. Allow the money you have to flow and grow.
4. Appreciate and enjoy the money you already have.

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