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Have you tried to attract more money using the law of
attraction and failed?

Have you tried to use the secrets in the “Secret‚” to
manifest the relationship you want with no results?

The first step in manifestation is to use your intention.
This means you set your mind on your goal.  Thus, you
intend to attract money.  You intend to attract a
healthy, loving relationship.

However intention is not enough. The reason intention is
not enough is because other factors can easily render
your intentions impotent.

For example, there are many psychological issues that
can stop you from manifesting your dreams.  As I moved
through life, I become more and more conscious of how I
stopped myself from manifesting more money by feeling
unworthy to have lots of money.

Whenever I received a lot of money, I felt guilty and
like I was doing something wrong.  Guilt will certainly
stop you from manifesting more money!

You may not be aware of the psychological issues inside
of you. However, if you look, you will find your
psychological issues in your unconscious.  Your
unconscious is full of all the thoughts, feelings and
emotions that were unacceptable to your conscious mind.

This means the inner psychological work you need to do is
diving into your unconscious and coming up with the truth
about how you really feel about yourself and money.

You cannot override your anxieties, doubts, judgments and
false beliefs without bringing them to your conscious mind.
Otherwise, these energies render your intentions impotent
on a daily basis.

Once you bring your truths to the light of your conscious
mind, then you need to learn how to let go of your
anxieties, doubts, judgments and false beliefs so your
intentions can manifest.


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