Anxiety Making You Anxious? Learn to Be Kind to Your Nerves

water.jpgWater feels good to the nerves.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Love your nerves.

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A young woman I have been coaching reported this week,
“My nervous system is definitely calmer.  My body is more
relaxed and I feel comfortable.”

I asked, “How do you know your nervous system is getting

“I can tell because I used to get upset when the weather
would get really hot and it is really hot here now and
I am not reacting like I used to.”

She used to get very uncomfortable, tightened up her body
and go into an anxiety or panic attack. She did this often,
sometimes several times a day. She often felt anxious and
wired. Many other things, besides hot weather, could
irritate her nervous system and send her into a panic.

Imagine what your nervous system would look like if you
could gently pull it out of your body and take a look at
it without anything else in the way.

Your nerves look like fine-tuned, delicate human-shaped
wires. These tiny wires react to the information in your
inner and outer world.  Your nervous system is an amazing
network that sends electrical signals of information,
instantaneously and continuously, throughout your body
during each moment.

Everyone has an extremely sensitive nervous system. However,
some empathic children and adults have a nervous system
that is much more receptive and responsive than others.

I asked my client, “So, how did you react differently this
week when the weather got really hot?”

“I found myself reassuring myself that it was not THAT hot.”
We both laughed. Then she continued.

“So I had a nice ride into the office. However, when I got
to the office it seemed too hot and stuffy. I was afraid the
air conditioner was broken.  So I checked to see what the
real situation was and it did seem too hot. I called the
maintenance people for help. A vent was closed and he fixed
it. I had a nice day and got a lot of work done.”

Wow!  We celebrated her success. I left her with the homework
assignment of continuing to celebrate her success.  I want
her to take genuine pride in her accomplishments and
experience as much joy as possible.

You too, can learn to clam your nervous system so you can
celebrate your success.  You can learn what you need to do to
take better care of your sensitive nervous system so that it
does not get anxious and wired.

Please appreciate your nervous system and learn how to be
kind to it.


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