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How much pressure do you feel to stay within your gender?
How much pressure do you feel to relate “correctly” to
another person’s child, based on gender?

The story of the Canadian parents who do not want to
pressure their child into a specific gender-based
identity has created a fury of energy around the globe.

Notice the energy in the media. Notice the energy in the
parents. Notice the energy in you.

Can you tell when energy is too fast, full of static and
judgmental? Energy that is too fast, full of static and
judgmental is anxious energy. Anxious energy is not healthy

The idea of a “gender-neutral baby” or “genderless baby”
has tapped into the high anxiety people have en masse
around the world about sex and gender.

If you are upset at not knowing the gender of a baby, you
are probably anxious.  If you are upset at not knowing the
gender of an adult, you are probably anxious.

Your anxiety shows you how controlled you are by gender.
The fast, racy energy in your nervous system reveals how
much pressure you feel to behave a certain way based on

Most people do get extremely anxious when they do not know
the gender of a person. This is the reason the parents of
Storm Stocker want a gender-neutral or genderless baby.

The mother of Storm Stocker has seen the consequences of
this strong, bullying pressure to be something that you are
not.  She says, “All my life I’ve worked in the field of
abuse and violence prevention.” Abuse and violence are one
of the ways parents control their children.

Upper class, socialized parents use more subtle behaviors
such as bullying, shaming and humiliating their child into
appropriate gender-based roles.

The pressure to behave a certain way based on gender is
controlling, inhibiting and unhealthy. Most mental health
labels and emotional problems would disappear if
professionals, parents and governments did not succeed in
controlling children based on gender.

I admire any parent who is willing to raise a free and
healthy child.  I support and encourage all parents to give
up controlling your children and pressuring them into
narrowly defined, inhibited identities.

To be healthy, the future parenting needs to move toward a
gender-neutral baby or genderless baby position.  Good
parenting involves protecting your child from any pressure
and control.

If parents, professionals and governments took a
“gender-neutral baby” or “genderless baby” position,
many current human problems would be solved.

For example, the anxious judgments against women,
homosexuals and transgender humans would disappear.
Suddenly, the world would be a much safer, happier place
to live for all of us.

Storm Stocker’s mother is not trying to keep anything a
secret; she is trying to raise a healthy and free human
being. She does not want to pressure and control her child.

Her open and loving position is healthy. Your child needs
your love, no matter what color they like to wear, what
physical activities they prefer and how tender their
emotional expressions.

You need self-love, no matter what you feel or how you
express yourself. You need both your male and female
qualities to survive in this world.

The more androgynous you become, the more relaxed and
comfortable you will be with yourself.  This means you accept
and love your gender without controlling yourself to be
someone you are not.

As a self confident person, you will protect all our children
from abuse, shame and embarrassment.


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