May is Mental Health Month: Get a Check Up

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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Get a Check Up

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
Live at the Edge:


I think it is strange that people rush to get physical
check ups once a year but they do not get a mental check up.

You need a mental health checkup because your mind creates
the problems in your life, including the physical problems.

When your mental health is not good, the quality of your
life is not good. You experience poor health, poor
relationships, poor quality of life.

Here are some questions to assist you in checking up on
your mental health.

Answer these questions honestly with either a “Yes,”
“Sometimes” or “No.”

1. I am happy and excited to get up in the morning and
go to work.
2. I relax my body and rest several times a day, throughout
the day. (This does not include watching TV, reading
or computer time.)
3. I do not think the same thought more than three times.
4. I know what I am feeling in the moment.
5. I can express what I am feeling to others.
6. I move around freely and am physically active during
the day.
7. I am aware of my physical surroundings and feel
connected to these realities throughout the day.
8. I have a purpose and am fulfilling it.
9. I am comfortable with others in silence.
10. I am comfortable with myself in silence.
11. I am a conscious breather and notice when I stop
breathing fully into my belly.
12. I am comfortable being excited and animated.
I3. I am spontaneous and free.
14. I experience full body vibrant moments at least
twice a week.

If needed, read the definition of a vibrant moment:

For each “Yes,” give yourself a 1, for each “Sometimes”
a 2, for each “No” a 3. Add them up for your total.

Look below and get your results.

14-19—You have a High Quality of Life and Good Mental
Health, you probably are actively engaged in self
20-25—You are moving toward life and need to amp up the
areas where you notice yourself missing out.
26-30—You are missing out on many vibrant moments of
living.  Your life is lackluster, ordinary and mundane.
31-37—You are moving away from life and need to become
more aware and alive.
38- 42 —Your Quality of Life and Mental Health needs
serious improvement.

Take one of the questions you answered “No” to and
begin to shift it into a “Sometime.”  To be successful,
you need to use a skillful holistic psychologist, coach,
mentor, or teacher who can teach you new skills which will
increase your body and energy awareness.

If you are a psychologist, physician, massage therapist or coach:
Pay attention to your own mind and how it causes problems in
your life. Notice how your thoughts control and inhibit
your vibrant moments.  Then notice how your clients let
their mind dominate their lives. Help them expand their
self-concept beyond their mind.

If you are a parent: Never underestimate how your mental
health affects your children. Notice your mind and how you
use it to control yourself and your children. An unhealthy
mind can quickly destroy a happy family outing.

You have the power and ability to prevent poor health,
poor relationships and poor quality of life by improving
your mental health.

Get a mental health check up and follow through with
effective actions.


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