Relationship Advice: Open Your Heart to Increase Natural Health and Wellness


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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: To connect with others.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Were you able to explore, find or plug into another person this week? Better than before? Or with a new person?

Last week I explained the magic that happens between you and another person when both of you are open and let each other close. The extra energy that you experience when you are plugged into another person is amazingly strong. This is the reason opening your heart is so beneficial to your health and wellness.

When you connect with another person, you literally have more healthy energy available to you to use as you please. This automatically makes you stronger in body and mind. Just being close to one other person gives you many natural health and wellness benefits. You feel better about yourself, have more self-confidence, feel saner, more grounded and loved. This is just for starters.

This energy exchange between you and others is potent. Do not just think of romantic love; that is of course, potent. However, the mother and child relationship and the friend relationship are equally potent. The mother and child relationship is the first and most potent relationship.

Therein lies the problem most people have with intimacy. Not to blame mothers, my wish is to make you more aware of how important it is to be attached to your mother in a healthy way. If your mother was not good at attachment or you have an unhealthy attachment with your mother, then you need to correct this relationship problem now.

As an adult, you can learn to be emotionally and physically attached to others in a healthy, emotionally mature fashion. There is no reason to blame yourself or your mother. There is nothing missing from your learning that you cannot supply yourself. You can learn to feel safe and comfortable being open so others can connect with you.

Take the time to invest in yourself so you experience the natural health and wellness benefits of being connected to other human beings.


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