Anxiety Tip: Don’t Let the Holidays Push You, Move With Snow



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Snow in Philadelphia, USA



The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Stop pushing.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


Do you push yourself and others?
Do you pressure yourself to do certain things, like right now?

Even pushing yourself to do the so-called “healthy thing” is a clever way for your ego to get you back in control again. As soon as your ego has you in any psychological state that is controlling your energy, you are sure to be anxious.

Therefore, as soon as you notice you are controlling yourself or others, start looking for your anxious self. She will be hanging around somewhere scared and nervous. Anxiety is what makes you want and need to control yourself in the first place.

Never forget this connection between your anxiety and your controlling ego. The more anxious you are, the more controlling you are. Controlling people are always anxious and scared. This means there is a little boy or girl inside your adult body that is scared and anxious when you start pushing.

If you were not anxious, you would be relaxed and doing what you need to do. You would not be controlling yourself by pushing your energy. Anxiety is what makes you push and pressure yourself to move too fast. When you move too fast, you never experience relaxation, holistic health or peak performances.

Another factor you need to consider is, the more aware you are of your anxiety and fear, the better. Denying your anxiety or exaggerating it is not helpful. If you do not know you are anxious, your anxiety controls you and makes you sick and miserable. If you do know you are anxious and scared, you are in a position of power. You can do what you need to do to help your anxious self feel less anxious.

Learning how to reduce your anxiety is essential for healthy living. Anxiety really does make you sick in mind and body. Once your reduce your anxiety, then you can get down to the bottom-line fears that are paralyzing you. There is always a real fear underneath your anxiety that you need to address in order to move forward.

Paying attention to your real fears and moving through them makes sure you take care of what you really do need to take care of in life. It also makes sure you do the healthy things you need to do without pushing yourself to do them.

When you are in touch with your real fear, you can totally trust yourself and your pathway forward. You are on solid ground because your real fear keeps you honest, clean and clear.

Without your fear, you could just be another ego faking self-confidence. Or in a manic state headed for depression. Or thinking you are perfect and self-righteous.

Your fear keeps you in your body, grounded in the earth and ready for any real danger that could be around the corner. When you are in touch with your real fear, you can trust you will do that which is healthy for you because you are paying attention to what needs to be done.

This makes it safe for you to relax, take off your shoes and have a good time working and playing. You are in touch with reality and all is well.


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