Depression Help, Sexual Problem Natural Treatment: Trust Energy

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The Vibrant Moment –  Trust your energy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Health, Psychology Mentor

Do you inhibit your energy and try to control it?
Or do you let your energy flow naturally and normally?

I have a new male client who is a musician. This gives me a chance to use musical metaphors to help him with his depression and sexual problems.  For example, I know if he can let go and play music on the stage, he can let go and make love with his new partner.

Many women and men, gay and straight, have sexual problems and depression because they do not trust the flow of their own human energy.  After the first session with my new client, I discovered that he feels safe playing music on the stage. This means he trusts his energy when he is playing music.

However, he does not trust the flow of his human energy when he is with someone he is emotionally and sexually attracted to.  Somehow, he learned to inhibit his sexual energy so much that he cannot perform in intimate, sexual situations.  He is too scared to let go of control with his partner even though he is as safe and secure as he is when he is playing music on stage.

Since I am a holistic psychologist, my job is to get to the root of what is blocking his natural healthy energy in sexual situations as quickly as I can. Once I uncover the source, I will teach him how to unlearn his inhibiting response and transform his distrust into a healthy letting go response.

When he learns to trust his energy in emotional and sexual situations, he will be able to play beautiful music with his new love.  I also know that when he is comfortable receiving pleasure, his depression will disappear.

Give Yourself a Natural Health Check Up:

Write down a list of all the places you do trust your energy and let it flow naturally.
Write down a list of all the places you do not trust your energy and try to control it.
Survey the list and see if you notice any patterns, trends and insights.

Let the flow be with you.


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