Definition of Self-Actualization: 12 Traits of The Self-Actualized Person

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Self-actualization is when you bloom like this flower.



Flower in front of Center City, Philadelphia home, May, 2013.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Realize Thyself.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Do you long to be free, happy, healthy and fulfilled?

The original Indian Yoga masters taught people how to reach self-realization though spiritual practice.  An American psychologist, Abraham Maslow reintroduced this idea to the psychological community in the 1950’s by observing how some people had reached a healthy psychological state he called self-actualization.

As a child, I spent hundreds of hours on the long school bus ride from my farm house to school, dreaming of what I wanted my life to look like.  I did not want to work from morning till night and have very little fun like my parents. I wanted to live an exciting, interesting life full of fun.

Therefore, when I read Maslow’s description of a self-actualized person in my college psychology course, I knew I was on a definite path to be the best self I could be.  You too, can get on the pathway that leads to a self-actualized person.

Here are 12 traits of The Self-Actualized Person to inspire you to continue your personal growth, accelerate your investment in your professional development or get started on your pathway to self-actualization.

Notice which traits you already have and feel proud of your personal growth success.  Then start working on the traits that you need to develop in yourself.  Enjoy the process of adding new, healthy self-actualization traits that enhance your self-esteem and make your life meaningful and enjoyable.

12 Traits of The Self-Actualized Person

1.  Realistic and likes the unknown
2.  Accepts self and others, does not judge self and others
3.  Spontaneous, natural, genuine
4.  Happy alone and with others
5.  Independent and self-sufficient
6.  Highly ethical and moral
7.  Does not let culture, religion or government dictate actions
8.  Has a good sense of humor
9.  Lives a creative life
10. Does not have unhealthy attachments to people or ideas
11. Has a global vision, not self-centered
12. Enjoys peak experiences

The Vibrant Moment exists to help you acknowledge, use and express your unique human potential so that you reach self-actualization. When you move toward self-realization your problems, pains and blocks fall away behind you and trouble you no more.

Let the flow be with you.

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