Learned Helplessness? Treat Depression and Sexual Problems with Baby Love

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Do you have any sensory memories of being a baby? Can you empathize with your real, in the flesh, past history of being a bundle of joy?

Once upon a time your physical reality was as a baby.  Babies are helpless. When a baby’s needs are met, they are a bundle of joy.  You can see, feel, taste, hear and smell the good vibrations coming off of human babies.

“Baby Love” became the Supremes’ number one Motown song because it reminded us of the joys and benefits of being a baby.

Being comfortable with the baby part of you means you:
Relax and receive what you need to be physically strong and healthy.
Love other people easily and sweetly.
Enjoy being in the moments of your life.

Babies are fully in the moment. Therefore, babies radiate mucho vital energy in all directions so they live in vibrant moments.  This means being able to access your baby self is good for your holistic health and wellness.  As a matter of fact, being in the moment and radiating healthy energy is essential for good physical and mental health.

How often do you allow yourself to feel helpless like a baby?  Probably not very often.  If you are like most people, helplessness is a feeling you defend against because it makes you feel very, very uncomfortable.

This week when I was joyfully moving my large house plants outside into my backyard, I found evidence of new water damage in my house. The crumbling wall was proof that the last roofer I hired to fix my slow, occasional water leak had not fixed my ongoing water problem.  I felt like crying.  I felt inadequate, impotent and helpless.

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When you feel helpless, sometimes you really are helpless and sometimes you are not really helpless.  It really does not matter.  You need to allow yourself to feel helpless when you feel helpless if you want to be achieve holistic health and wellness.

How often do you let go and let yourself feel helpless?  Can you remember the last time? In reality, you really are helpless about many situations, events and actions taken by other people, governments and religions.

Next, notice how often you defend against your feelings of helplessness.   Defensive behavior means you do something to avoid your feelings of helplessness. When you avoid your feelings of helplessness, you cannot access the benefits of being your baby self.

After finding my water damage, I felt helpless for a couple of hours as I went about my spring cleaning.  By dinner time I was not feeling helpless and I could talk about the problem.   After a delicious, relaxing dinner, I sat down at my computer and wrote my roofer an email telling him about the new leak and asked him to come by and help me.

If I had defended against my feelings of helplessness, my psychological experience of life would have been much different.  When you defend against something, you spend massive amounts of energy to avoid feeling what you really feel.

In a defensive state, you obsess about the problem or repress the problem.  You go to bed anxious and uncomfortable and do not know the real reason you feel so bad.  You are unconscious, numb and grey. You could become very depressed and not not want to get out of bed.

On the other hand, if you let yourself feel helpless, soon you move forward.  In my situation, I was not really helpless.  I took positive assertive action and my expert roofer came by Monday afternoon and we had a good time connecting as he did his exploratory work.

However, sometimes you really are helpless.  In some situations, your assertive actions cannot change realty because you do not have any power to effect the outcome.  When this occurs, you move forward as you feel your helplessness, let go and accept reality.

So access your Baby Love Self. Helpless or not, love your relaxed and receptive state for stellar holistic health and wellness.  Get your energy grooving by singing along with Elvis Presley, “SANTA BRING MY BABY BACK TO ME.”


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