Solution to Violence in USA: Improve Mental Health, Begin with Pleasure and Native Culture

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Pleasure often has a dirty connotation.

If you indulge yourself in pleasure, some would call you a “sinner”, “hedonist”, “selfish” or “wanton”. One of the sources of judgment in the USA against pleasure is definitely the Puritan society that Americans inherited.  Unfortunately, the Puritan cover-up-your-whole-body-with-lots-of-clothes culture replaced the Native American culture who wore just the clothes that were needed.

These Puritans came from British and still have quite a bit of control over our modern day culture.  Michael Moore’s documentary, Bowling for Columbine ended with these funny dressed Puritans as a possible source of the violence in America.

How far removed are you from the thinking that made Hester Prynne wear a scarlet letter on her dress?  Have you found judgments against pleasure in your unconscious? Probably so. Quite a few nasty judgments toward physical pleasure have been exposed in my psyche as I have broken away from my Puritan conditioning.

The cross-cultural research conducted by James W. Prescott in the 1970s found that pleasure was the antidote for violence.  Dr. Prescott, a neuropsychologist found a strong direct correlation between the amount of bodily pleasure parents gave their children and the degree to which violent behavior existed in the culture.

The Polynesian cultures were the least violent cultures and they were the ones who physically touched and loved their infants the most. It is not a surprise that he discovered that cultures who hit their children had the most violence.  Important psychological studies like this do not get the attention they need from the media, college professors, congress or clinical psychologists.

In my professional opinion, bodily pleasure is the solution to violence in America. Gun control will not improve the mental health of children who grow up and act out in violent ways at schools, marathons and theaters.  It is the mental health of America that must be improved if you want to stop violent behavior.

Until mental health is taken seriously and parents learn how to grow mentally healthy children, violence acts will continue to occur at an alarming rate. Dr. Prescott’s research is an excellent place to begin reducing violence. Pleasure is one of the alternative medicines I use to treat aggressive behavior, depression, anxiety, addictions, obsessions and general bad feelings.

If pleasure works for all these conditions, just think what adding more pleasure to your life could do for your health and wellness. Do you know what kinds of activities make you feel good?

Find Out What Bodily Pleasures You Need Exercise:

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Then ask your body to visually show or tell you the three pleasures it needs and wants in order to be strong, healthy and happy.  Listen carefully.  Write down the three things.

Notice any judgments you have toward these activities. Do you usually let your judgments keep you from giving these physical pleasures to yourself? Pay attention to any guilt that might be hanging around left over from those mean Puritans who wanted to see Hester suffer and hanged.

I hope you can take action and add these three pleasures to your life. Pleasure will help you reach holistic health because you will experience many vibrant moments of being alive.

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