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Love Thy Body at Any Agebody

The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Love yourself.
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How many times a day do you say kind things to your body?
Do you check in daily to see what your emotional self needs?

If you ignore, reject and hate your body, you will get one set of results. If you love your body and take care of it, you will get another set of results.

If you hate your emotions when they surface and wish you did not feel that way, you will get one set of results.  If you take positive actions as a result of the vital information you receive from your emotional self, you will get another set of results.

Health and wellness are not accidents. Disease and sickness do not occur as random acts of probability.  Health and wellness are direct results of certain well-defined factors.
One of the most important factors, and a factor that you have complete mastery over is how much you love yourself.

If you listen to your emotions, you will discover exactly what you need to do differently in order to meet your emotional needs. If you don’t meet your emotional needs, there is no way you can achieve health and wellness or happiness and self-actualization.

Loving yourself is often considered hokey, unfashionable, silly or down right sinful.  Yes, most religions and many judgmental parents teach you to hate your body and ignore your emotional needs.

You have been taught that:
“You are a terrible sinner.”
“Your body is dirty.”
“Sex is sinful.”
“Your emotional needs are not important, get over it.”
“Just stop being afraid and do it.”

However, no matter what others have taught you, natural law prevails. Self-acceptance is the only way you will ever reach holistic health and wellness.  Self-rejection will always result in a lack of mental health and emotional health.

If you do not love your body and take care of it, there is no way you can have a strong and sturdy body.  An unloved body is sick and moving toward mental illness or physical disease.
If you do not love your emotional self and take care of your emotional needs, there is no way you can achieve mental health and wellness.  You will never be happy or experience the joy of self-actualization.

Self-love is the best drug you can find anywhere in the world. Self-acceptance will take you directly to health and wellness. You can even get immediate results when you self-administer this natural treatment in the moments of your life.

Self-love is the most potent medication you can buy at any price.  An investment in learning how to love yourself is worth your life.  So take a dose of self-love today if you want to move toward health and wellness.

Holistic Health and Wellness Natural Treatments:

1.   Say something kind to your body at least three times today and notice the effect.  See if you can feel how self-love energy feels in your body as opposed to self-rejection.  Notice how your nervous system, cells, muscles, stomach and organs respond when you say something kind.

2.  Spend 5 minutes twice a day slowing down and tuning into your heart. Look around and see if you can find your emotional self. This part of you is keeping your vital energy alive so you can use it as needed for health and wellness.  Establish a loving connection with your emotional self. Listen to the feedback she or he gives you about what you need to do differently today in order to feel emotionally good today. Take action on the feedback you receive and see how good you feel all over.

If something is in your way or making it difficult for you to connect in a loving way with your emotional self, use the “Opening the Heart” emotional health audio guide.  Or get a teacher to show you how to find, accept and follow your potent emotional self.

What do you feel is the direct pathway to health and wellness?  Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback on this blog.


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