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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Examine your heart.
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Do you know the health of your heart? If not, it is time for
a thorough heart exam.

Heartaches are real and physical. When you suffer from a
past emotional trauma, the hurt you feel is both physical
and emotional.  A broken heart is indeed broken, damaged
and wounded.

Has it been years since you got divorced? Or did you just
break up with your lover?  Or perhaps you are in the same
relationship and you feel numb, stuck and mundane. Or maybe
you have never been in a loving relationship.

In any case you need to take a heart examination and check
the health of your heart.   Let’s take a look into your
heart and see what is really there.  You can sense the
matter and energy in your heart by putting your
consciousness into your heart and taking a look.

So, put your awareness into your heart.  See if you can
look deep inside of your heart as a physical organ and as
an energy vortex.  How does your heart look, feel, taste,
sound, smell?

If you cannot see clearly deep inside, look around and
see if you can sense what is sitting on top of your heart.
See if you have heaviness, weight, resentment and sadness
barricading your heart.

Then examine the surface of your heart and sense the
physical matter in your chest.

Tight are your muscles?
Sensitive is your chest area?
Open and strong is your chest area?
Closed and weak is your chest area?
Tender are your breasts?

Next, check to see if you can tell how much love energy
is pouring out of your heart.  Then notice how much love
energy is pouring into your heart.

Honestly, most people have closed hearts. Very few have
open hearts. So do not be surprised, upset or judgmental
if your heart is closed or rarely open.

Instead, begin to heal your heartache so that your heart
becomes physically stronger and emotionally healthier.


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