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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Know your purpose.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Do you know what your purpose in life is?
Do you know what the purpose of traditional psychology is?

I know many of you are excited to find a holistic
psychologist who is offering an alternative to the old,
traditional psychology model.

In these exciting times when Obama is being proclaimed the
first gay president by Newsweek Magazine, as Bill Clinton
was proclaimed the first black president…the times they
are a-changing.

All across across the world, the old forms in governments,
religions and professions are being challenged because they
are no longer useful.  Traditional psychology, along with
traditional medicine, needs to undergo dramatic changes in
order to be of service to human beings.

If you take a long, honest look at the purpose of the old,
traditional psychology you can see the reason psychotherapy
is losing favor.  You can observe the reality that
traditional psychology, as it is practiced in mainstream
America, is no longer helping humanity evolve toward a
better future.

The purpose of traditional psychology is to adjust you so
that you fit into a certain culture, system or technique.
What US psychologists do to American children is a perfect

American psychologists label sensitive, creative children
with a self-limiting mental health diagnosis which then
gives American physicians the right to medicate the
precious children with a dangerous drug.  The purpose is
to control the children’s behavior so that they fit into
what schools expect and parents want.

In sharp contrast, the purpose of the New Psychology is
to teach you to find, recognize and follow your real
self, so you can be true to yourself.

Wake up and pay attention.  You need to know your purpose
and find teachers, psychologists, coaches, mentors and
physicians that are in alignment with your purpose.

Does your purpose line up with the old, traditional
psychology?  Do you want to control yourself so that you
can fit into a crazy, unhealthy world that is
self-destructive and rapidly destroying Mother Earth?

Or is your purpose in line with the New Psychology?
Do you want to clean up your psychological mess so you
can relax, be assertive and become a proper guardian
for Mother Earth?

Know your purpose and act on it.


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